Violet Daze by E. G. B.

My skin hovers above my bones it is weightless. The sun rests, caressing the invisible hairs that cover my arms. The rushing air tickles them. My face buzzing with the vibrations of my city, of this pavement. It beams back at the green light cascading through the fat leaves of the oaks. This light slides across my eyelashes transforming my vision into a kaleidoscope of shifting shades. My heart is spinning my mind turning the wheels running forward tumbling over themselves with a wiz through the air.


I can see my neighborhood for the first time since last summer with the houses sitting heavy upon their foundations like big fat bumble bees sitting atop a fuzzy dandelion. The people begin to trickle down their front steps like water from a drain pipe after a gentle drizzle. Walkers with strollers and strollers with baskets woven brightly and ready for market. A gentle breeze pokes goose bumps in everyone’s skin until the sun comes to remedy them with a soft kiss. Be calm it says. Today is simple.


I climb up the grassy slope freckled with violets and lay my bike down to rest at my side. My head finds its place to sleep while my eyes wander across the swirls of blue and white passing swiftly just inches from my face. The smell of the violets falls through my hair and I sit up to find the biggest one. Plucking the purple and white smeared petal, I place it on the tip of my tongue and allow the subtle perfume of it to sink through my taste buds. A cloud slips across the sun like an accident and the blades of grass send a shiver through my spine and out my collar bones. A man yells into a cell phone and slams his car door. Springtime hasn’t been delivered to all of our doors just yet. The post office must be delayed from the snow last week.