Don’t Burn Your House Down by K.L.

Don’t burn the House down

Don’t let others tell who you are and what you’ll be

You’re so much more than an object, a product of society

So much more than the size of your pants

The color of your skin

No matter how many times the mirror tells you you’re not

Don’t burn your house down 

You are someone who does fits into this world 

No matter what they say 

All of you is important

All your scarves, curves, and things you want to change 

All of you is what makes you you

Why are you trying to burn the house you grew up in down?

Just to be skinny?

Constantly fighting this war

when all the millions of cells that make up you want to here

The millions of cells that fight everyday to keep you alive

Love your body

Love your home

You are so much more than what they see 

Don’t burn your house down