Spoken Word Poetry by M.R.



Who are you to me

Who are you to tell me what I can be

You have no right

To control me

Because who you are

Is nothing to me

I don’t care what you think

Or what you can do

Because I will never be afraid of anyone

Not even you

So go ahead


I will be my self

And do what I want

I will live my life

The Goddamn way I want


Preparation Time


Ten minutes out

Helmets come one

Talking stops

The silence is strong

Now it’s just me

Alone in my head

Think about my game up ahead

I rethink my moves

Over and over again

Preparing for when my moment to begin

Picturing myself out on the line

Anticipating the whistle

Ready to explode off the side

But then I snap back as

The bus rolls to a stop

Now the real game will began

And I will no doubt win