To the tune of “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash by R.M.


I feel the breeze a’blowin

The spray barrades my face

And I aint seen the shore line

Since I quit from my workplace

I knew I shouldnta done it

But I knew I had to be free

And when the stars meet the horizon

The sight bewilders me


As I sit here rockin’rollin

And as the waves caress the hull

My boat proceeds to capsize

And sends me swimming with the gulls

I wondered how it happened

How did I end up here?

As the stars are spinnin round me

I sink and disappear


When the news had reached my hometown

Everybody was so glum

Except my jackass younger brother who said:

“See you in hell you lazy bum!”

My friends were melancholy

As they all raised a glass

They had me buried upside down

So the world could kiss my ass