A Vessel by A.T.

A body is more than just a person. An athlete’s body is more than a mode of transportation and action, it is a temple, a machine that is under full control. The body needs taking care of, cherishing, and maintaining.

Taking care of a body is not easy. The correct fuel needs to be used, the right tools to maintain it are required, and the dedication to keep up with the maintenance is unquestionably the most important. Fuel is what is what drives us, fuel is what helps us grow. Eating healthy and “correctly” is a giant contribution of the functionality of the body. Healthy food in the correct amount properly powers and builds the mechanics of our joints, muscles, organs, and everything else that we use to function.

Moving is maintaining. When we power up our engines we clean everything out. When the blood starts to pump and the muscles loosen up ready to engage there is a cleaning process. Everything that has built up since the last time the body was used is flushed out and cleared away to make room for growth and improvement. If a body is mistreated and never used, all the motions and actions are restricted and our engines can’t run at full capacity. This is just as bad as over using and over pushing the body. Overworking the engine, tearing up the muscles, and putting strain on the joins can damage the functions. An ideal balance of rest and active is required to maintain a full capacity of power and energy being generated.

Famous athletes, like Usain Bolt, have a very strict lifestyle to keep to keep their body running at 100% capacity. As stated in an A-List article by Richa Barua, Usain Bolt has a plan for perfect maintenance for his body. He stretches, plans out his workouts, and eats well. The proper balance in training, stretching, and resting is what makes him such an advance, professional athlete and makes him able to perform at the huge capacity that he does.

On the other end of the extremes, being inactive is very bad for your body. As said by the World Heart Federation, being inactive can cause health problems and increase the chance of premature death. Not pushing your body at least once a week can make it inefficient and unable to run properly. When inactive for a long period of time your body functions slow down and when necessary won’t be able to perform at a good rate to keep the body alive.

Being active doesn’t only affect your physical state. The body also consists of the brain. Being active place a role in brain function and activity. As stated by an article in Conscien Health, exercising can increase the efficiency and functionality of the brain. When inactive, the brain slows down and is not needed as much to make sure that all the organs are running at capacity since there is no strain on them. Being active reduces the stress that is caused by other daily activities and lets people clearly think about their problems. Being able to let go of stress slows down the aging process and makes people happier “When I don’t train for more than two days in a row, I start to become cranky and stressed out” said by Brandon Douglas, Parkour coach at Apex Movement. Being active is also hygienic. Sweating releases toxins from the skin and cleans out the poors “I smell worse after a day of just sitting around then after a long day of training and sweating in the hot sun, I always feel very refreshed and cleansed after sweating” Said by Chris Buris, Trainee at Apex Movement.

Even though it may seem contradictory to what was stated earlier, resting is a huge part of keeping the body running well and sustainably without injury. In the book Parkour Strength Training by Ryan Ford and Ben Musholt, there are published studies of the chronic injuries that can occur from overworking the body. When the body is not given time to rest and recover, strain can cause tears and long term injuries. Working out and exercising pulls apart muscle fibers and lightly puts strain on joints and tendons. This is perfectly normal and that is how muscles and joints grow and get stronger. When there isn’t enough rest incorporated in exercising, all the little tears and damages don’t have time to heal. The constant microtears will eventually turn into larger tears which could lead to fully tearing a muscle.

Constant studies are being published about how important it is to be active and take care of the body. Only one body is available for us and it should be cherished and taken care of. There is no reason that someone should ruin something that is irreplaceable.

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