Please. Care. By R.G

Please, Care


You say that you don’t care what others think? Let’s think about this.

You, who shouts at people to avert their eyes whenever they happen to look upon you.

You, who wears short shorts and skirts for yourself and no one else.

Please, accept the fact that you do care what others think,

That you do dress for others, and that is okay.

People say they want respect, that they want to be valued as an individual, yet they make no effort to try and make you respect them.

You want a job working for a high profile company when you spent hours of your life letting someone draw on your body.

You express your individualism at the sacrifice of your future life.

Kids nowadays, there is an award at every step of life.

There’s no motivation to value what others think of you, only what you think of yourself.

Darwinian selection, it disagrees.

So please, care.





Character & Morals vs Money & Intelligence By B.A.

Society often has the idea that intelligence and money are more valuable than character and morals. When did a society shift from wanting to do good things and be good people to an environment where all we look at in a person is how much money they have and how smart they are?

People look at happiness sometimes by what you own, what you drive, the house you live in, and every other luxury you might own. We have made this way of thinking because of how much we value money. Money controls every single thing in the world, there’s a price tag on everything. We associate money with happiness then because if you have a nice car and a nice house then shouldn’t you be happy? When you have money it shows people you’re successful, so you must be smart too. Money and intelligence are tied into each other so often, the smarter you are the better job you will have that will bring you in more money. Does money bring happiness? If you have no one to share your life with, if you have no friends, if you have nothing but your material items in life then are you truly happy?

Of course money and intelligence are important, they help you go farther in life, but are they all that matter? To me, the most important quality in life is someone’s character. You can tell so much by someone who tries to help everyone, someone that gives back all the time rather than being selfish, and someone that puts him/herself last before everyone else. Wouldn’t you rather be friends with someone that has a good character over someone that is rich. Wouldn’t you rather be friends with someone that has good morals rather than someone who’s just a know-it-all? If you could have them all then would you be happy?

The Human Flaw by W.P.W.

EVIL! What does it mean? Well, as most people would describe it, evil would be the embodiment of immorality. But can someone actually be pure evil? Can someone actually devote everything they do to evil?

When somebody is in a situation they usually will think about the end of it as the most important. When most people do this they see it in terms of pros and cons. For an example, when you take the day off of work you think of what you will end up having to do later. This line of thinking usually excludes others in favor of yourself, such as your brain is programmed to do for survival. But what does skipping work and survival have to do with evil?

When humans think of what they should do next, thinking ahead, or forming an idea of what to do they tend to lean towards the option that most benefits them. This is either weighed against the losses that others or the person thinking about it might receive. When they disregard that loss of others completely for their own, we could call that evil. Can’t we? Well it isn’t that easy is it? We have to think about it from that person’s perspective despite them having done something that might hurt us, or inconvenience us they are just doing what would be best for them.

So even if someone may be putting someone else down it is for their own benefit which is how humans are programmed to think and act, for their own benefit and survival. This as we can see leads to much disparity for some or very little depending on the situation. There may be a lot of different perspectives that we can choose to look through, the person who wrongs for their own gain, the ones who are wronged, or those unaffected by the situation. From any of these perspectives except maybe the second one, we can see that the person who is doing the wrong is doing it because they are made to metaphysically. This is not to excuse those who abuse others for their gain or to ask for reparations to all victims. Simply to say that we are all human, and that isn’t always a good thing.