Please. Care. By R.G

Please, Care


You say that you don’t care what others think? Let’s think about this.

You, who shouts at people to avert their eyes whenever they happen to look upon you.

You, who wears short shorts and skirts for yourself and no one else.

Please, accept the fact that you do care what others think,

That you do dress for others, and that is okay.

People say they want respect, that they want to be valued as an individual, yet they make no effort to try and make you respect them.

You want a job working for a high profile company when you spent hours of your life letting someone draw on your body.

You express your individualism at the sacrifice of your future life.

Kids nowadays, there is an award at every step of life.

There’s no motivation to value what others think of you, only what you think of yourself.

Darwinian selection, it disagrees.

So please, care.





Bone Adventure by E.S.

Shattered spun-sugar structures

Empty eyeholes stuffed with fur

Arcs of ribs scatter in the matrix

Bleached-brown spur juts through gray

Glints of yellow embedded in the mess

Scattered paper-thin shards

Vertebral nubs strung with worn cartilage

Wrung-out hide falls away in strings

Whipcrack tail, a rotted rope

Mirror by L.M.

She takes one look in the mirror and starts to cry,


She wonders why she ate today, she was doing so well,


She hears the whispers and murmurs of people talking about her,


She looks down at the scars on her wrists, legs, and stomach,


Little does she know, that when he looks at her he sees


When he sees her scars, he feels her pain

Not ugly,


Not fat,


Not worthless,

She is his world

Not unlovable,