Poetry by H.G.


They say things are better left unsaid

But I’d disagree

The words left unsaid remain screaming inside my head

The feelings of pain and frustration still burn within me

Your betrayal was the least of my pain

It was your act of innocence that pushed me over the edge

I now realize that I was naive

Naive to think that I could put my faith in you

You continue to act like we’ve simply drifted apart

But I know that you feel the change in my heart

I don’t look at you because I don’t know how to feel

I don’t speak because I have nothing to say

I opened myself up to you

And you confirmed all of my worst fears

I have no more tears

And my feelings are gone

There’s nothing left

Just the empty cavity in my chest


One By D.R.


A very big number depending on who you are

One marks a start, but Zero an end

One and Zero are not too far apart

but when added up, you get One…

If you’re bad at math you get Ten

One next to Zero can mean many things

Zero by itself, nothing

One that shares Zero is something


Ten means a friend

There is no difference between the numbers themselves

But One and Ten is the difference between alive and dead

Where I could depend on a friend whose life felt less than One

But my actions to help, Less than Zero

By the end of the day it did not make me the hero

as I found them gone

The light in my head flickered on

But what was done, was done

Now I’m the One

that stands alone…