Do We Really Coexist: Questioning the Reality Behind Violent Crime World Wide by B. B.

In response to the prompt: How can people with inherently different values coexist on one planet, one country, one town, or even one room?

Looking at this from a sociological standpoint, this question can be simply answered. We are not inherently different. If you follow the beliefs of Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabelle Myers, then you believe that humans have 4 core traits that lead to the separation of mankind into 16 groups, two polar opposite characteristics for every one of the 4 traits. This can be narrowed down even more, to the point where 9 separate personalities make up our population, an ideology taught by Oscar Ichazo Claudio Naranjo. It seems hard to believe, that really, our whole population is made up of 9 different types of people. But, none the less, what most people find is that after taking a precise anagram test and being presented with their most likely personality type, after reading in depth about this personality, they find it accurate to a somewhat disturbing level. Although this system is not perfect, it can lead to the realization that, much like humans are on a molecular level, the things that make us unique only make up a small portion of who we are, and in reality, we are 99% the same.  Unfortunately, if this is true, then there is little to no chance of coexistence due to the fact that abiding to this belief would mean our society is divided into factions, each one with necessarily different traits.

Because of the idea that there are 9 unique personalities present in today’s society, which is an ideology that has proven its accuracy time and time again, there will always be inherent conflict among humans. This is because these 9 different types of people have core values that clash, making it so peace is not truly possible, and although the prompt reads “how we coexist”, the question must be asked, do we really coexist. We, especially as millennials, have been desensitized to violent acts  such as rape and assault.. This leads us to believe that in a city with a population of 8+ million people, if 338 people are murdered, or there are 540 reported rapes between January and June of last year, it is an acceptable crime rate. In a sense, this does seem manageable because of the fact that .004% of people are murdered and .006% of people are raped. but if you begin to look at it in other ways, a realization sets in. Nearly a person a day is murdered, and 3.6 people are reportedly raped  in just one city. Now let’s look at this on a global scale. It is an interesting idea to think about world wide crime statistics, as they are not common due to the separation among countries, but there has been extensive efforts to attempt to get a relatively accurate crime rate in a world with over 7 billion people. The number of reported murders worldwide was decided to be approximately 447,000 people. This begs the question, how significant is that? Well, of course, this depends on your viewpoint, but as a strong believer that every life matters, this is an unacceptable number. The idea that with every one of these people came the deep suffering of their family makes this statistic much more real. Unfortunately, this is hardly the scariest. Unfortunately, a worldwide rape statistic is yet to be made, but the numbers found in the U.S are terrifying all on their own. There are 293,000 people above the age of 12 that are reportedly raped every year. To expand this on a global scale, if the entire world had the same rape statistics as in the U.S, then the world would see 6.7 million rapes every year. To look at this a different way, it would be equivalent to the population of Colorado Springs, 439,000, being killed every year, and the entirety of the populations of Wyoming, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Hawaii, combined, raped every year.
Now that we’ve seen the devastating effects of violent crime world wide, it’s time to bring it back to country wide, state wide, or even city wide statistics, but we must now look at the extremes. The city with the highest murder rate in the entire world is Caracas Venezuela. With nearly 4,000 murders in 2014, with a population of over 3 million, 120 of 100,000 people were killed. If the world had this murder rate, 8.76 million people would be killed every year. Although it is not an accurate tell as to violence across the world, this is to show that this level of violence is possible, and this in no way proves our coexistence.

Although it is not entirely untrue to say that we coexist, it is a relative term. Although, at the moment, many places are seeing record low violent crime rates, and of course our society has come a long way since its barbaric and animalistic conception, we need not look at how we compare to the past. Why should we believe that because we have improved, we have magically discovered coexistence? We are living in a world where we watch violent movies, violent games, and violent current events, and although I do not personally believe this is driving the up and coming generation to be more violent, I do believe we have all been desensitized to the idea of death. Many accept it, many embrace it, and unfortunately, some want it, but to really know whether or not our society coexists, you must be someone who has been effected. No mother nor father of a murder victim underestimates the utter disgrace that comes along with this form of cruel death, and until each one of us experiences this, we will look over deaths, and even rapes, like their nothing. Even the small details count when attempting to make blanket statements like the one made above, and no suffering should go unnoticed. Much like is seen in many police departments across the country through tampering with crime statistics, we as people are trying to make our flaws seem less important by dignifying our negative actions. There are examples of small nations in this world, very few examples admittedly, that have a murder rate of quite literally 0. Liechtenstein and Monaco have both seen years with no murders, and many others see fewer than 10 per 100,000 people. This is what we must reference, because it can be defined as true coexistence.