Caught Red Handed by C.K.

My first time meeting a celebrity was so amazing because when you get to see the person that you have always wanted to see. When I saw Ellen DeGeneres for the first time I was in too much in shock.

My family and I were all in Los Angeles for spring break in 2014. It was our third day there, was very hot and calm day relaxing and very peaceful hearing the ocean waves crash on the beach. While I was relaxing,my mom was looking through her computer at any attractions that we can drive to.Then my mom stop scrolling the attractions list to see that Warner Bro.Studios was near where we living for the time being. My mom called us to meet her in the kitchen to ask us if we were interested to go to Warner Bros. When I heard mom’s request,I was jumping with excitement and was filled with happiness because I love Warner Bros because they made many loony tunes characters. My mom was also excited to go and to see me excited of Warner Bros because she was in love with a movie called Argo. Though my sisters were not to excited to go, but they were really interested to go because they wanted to experience new things. Then my mom said:

“Be ready in one hour to head out for Warner Bros.”

Immediately I start packing essentials like my red hat, sunscreen, and a camera. I was ready so early, I just couldn’t wait to go. When the time came, my family and I got into the car that my mom rented for the whole trip and drove to Warner Bro Studios.

When we got there, the first thing we did was to get into the main building where they have the accessories of merchandise of Warner Bros like , movie t-shirts and posters, and other accessories all around the whole building. The one I was very interested was Ellen poster. I was shocked to see the poster because I had no idea that Ellen worked at Warner Bros. Studios. While we looking I hear an announcement saying:

“All visitors, please come over here and soon we will get started with our tour throughout the studio.”

When I heard that I was excited to see Warner. Bros.  All of a sudden I hear a another announcement saying “All visitors, please be on the Warner.Bros tour bus.” Throughout the tour we got to see really amazing set like the set of the TV show “Friends” and the set of Ellen DeGeneres. When I saw this set, it was so amazing to see where Ellen’s sits and goes on TV everyday.It was exactly what it looks like in . While I was still looking at the set, I turned around and saw that nobody else was their. The tour guide and my mom were gone, so what I decided to do was go to the back of the set and look around some more without adult supervision.

When I got to the back of the set, what I saw was the merchandise and it was all Ellen. They had cups, t-shirts, and other products that all have the name Ellen. I was so excited that I buy anything from the merchandise.So I decided to buy a t-shirt that say Ellen in huge font. While I was buying a t-shirts, I felt like someone was right behind me and I’m like, “Crap, I’m caught.” That was my first thought, but it was no security guard, it was Ellen  herself. I was a frozen still, realizing the fact that my idol is standing right in front of me. Then she asks me:

“Buying one of the t-shirts?”

Now in my mind I thought she was get mad of me being a young man not being allowed in the back of the set. She then says:

“Thank you so much for buying one of my shirts, hope you really like wearing my shirts,” I said.

“Thank you,” in a nervous tone.

I eventually got out the same way I came in and I had run around the studio to find my mom, sure enough I found my mom and told her I met Ellen and thanked me of buying one of her shirts. That was the greatest experience I ever had with a celebrity.