Bone Adventure by E.S.

Shattered spun-sugar structures

Empty eyeholes stuffed with fur

Arcs of ribs scatter in the matrix

Bleached-brown spur juts through gray

Glints of yellow embedded in the mess

Scattered paper-thin shards

Vertebral nubs strung with worn cartilage

Wrung-out hide falls away in strings

Whipcrack tail, a rotted rope


Wander by B.G.


I journey to the woods

Near the stroke of midnight

As I walk through darkness

I notice the lack of moonlight

The looming fear of the unknown reaches for my heart

Taunts and dances around my mind like a young child at play

My gut seems to climb faster than any mountain man ever has

The echoing sound of crunching gravel clouds my thoughts


I ask myself

Why do i fear the darkness

It’s not the darkness itself


It’s the fear of the unknown

The fear of what the shadows conceal

It’s what lies unseen

A mystery

Man’s ultimate rivel

It’s the fear of the unknown

The hinderer of humankind

It reaches out

Taps me gently

Just enough to latch on

Closing in around me

Grasping me

Freezing me in time

As I feel darkness root into me

I stop to turn back on my journey

But from inside me a faint voice strains to say

“Fear is weak”

A mere man can battle it

To combat I go

with strong heart and a steady head

I strike fear

It falls

the emotion of cowards

Lays dead in its grave