Character & Morals vs Money & Intelligence By B.A.

Society often has the idea that intelligence and money are more valuable than character and morals. When did a society shift from wanting to do good things and be good people to an environment where all we look at in a person is how much money they have and how smart they are?

People look at happiness sometimes by what you own, what you drive, the house you live in, and every other luxury you might own. We have made this way of thinking because of how much we value money. Money controls every single thing in the world, there’s a price tag on everything. We associate money with happiness then because if you have a nice car and a nice house then shouldn’t you be happy? When you have money it shows people you’re successful, so you must be smart too. Money and intelligence are tied into each other so often, the smarter you are the better job you will have that will bring you in more money. Does money bring happiness? If you have no one to share your life with, if you have no friends, if you have nothing but your material items in life then are you truly happy?

Of course money and intelligence are important, they help you go farther in life, but are they all that matter? To me, the most important quality in life is someone’s character. You can tell so much by someone who tries to help everyone, someone that gives back all the time rather than being selfish, and someone that puts him/herself last before everyone else. Wouldn’t you rather be friends with someone that has a good character over someone that is rich. Wouldn’t you rather be friends with someone that has good morals rather than someone who’s just a know-it-all? If you could have them all then would you be happy?