The Right College by A.L.P

  Choosing a “good” college for you,  first of all, should be based on your personality and where you will learn best. If you go to a college for it’s reputation and fail because it’s not the best learning environment for you, that’s worse than doing great in a college with less of a reputation.

 A good college should not be based on the reputation of a school and your grade point average.

When I used to live in Brazil, I used to go to a super expensive school where people didn’t really care the grade you get in a test or where was your college dream. They would talk about every once in awhile though, but still was not something that mattered that much. When I moved here, things changed. I honestly feel like people at fairview are so smart and basically all the care about is getting in a good college. Sometimes though the college that they really want, is based on parents opinions or have a good reputation, for example Harvard. Here at fairview I feel like people are always judging you depending on the college you go to and they all have the stereotype of Harvard college type of thing, but there are families that can’t afford a good college because of it’s price. I sometimes feel intimidated to talk about those kind of things and college between my friends and that’s something that shouldn’t be a problem in our society, especially in our school nowadays.