Social Issue From The Bluest Eye by D. R.

After reading this book, many social issues were brought to my attention. The main one was beauty and societies definition of beauty. This little girl grows up in an abusive home, when her father rapes her and when she comes out to the world, she is constantly put down for the color of her skin. She is treated like she’s not enough, she is told that she isn’t enough so much to the point where she actually believes it.

The media now a days has made a mold of what beautiful is. This issue hasn’t been going on for a few years, it’s been going on forever. Little girls are raised to believe that they have to fit this certain mold in order to be considered “beautiful”. This leads to many health issues for young women, and even young men. Because this issue doesn’t just affect women,men also have a specific mold they have to fit, it just isn’t as re enforced as much as it is for women. Many young girls will starve themselves to death, simply to be thin and look like the models they see on TV. This can lead to depression, the fact that they will never look like the women they see on TV or magazines that are photoshopped. I was in the modeling industry for a bit when I was a freshman and I still will have a few photoshoots here and there, but nothing official. I have gotten to see the struggles of someone who tries to be a professional model. This is damaging to a person’s ego, going to an agency and being told that you will never be able to model because maybe you’re a few inches too short, or a few inches too fat and not what they’re looking for. It’s sad to see someone’s ego being crushed because someone believes they aren’t the right definition of beautiful.

I don’t think it’s possible to completely solve this issue, maybe it will be over time but this is impossible when the media won’t change. I have noticed that recently I do see more ads promoting natural beauty, especially Dove promotes everyone being different and everyone being beautiful. I believe that baby step by baby step this will all be over in a few decades and maybe future generations won’t ever have to worry about this issue because it won’t be an issue then. The media needs to stop pushing young girls into fitting a certain mold, this can lead to health issues and even deaths of many young girls and boys who don’t understand that they are beautiful even though they don’t look like people on the media.


Human Connection by B.R.

Human connection

It’s sweeter than the sweetest sweet at spruce confections

It’s the underlying place we all aim our directions

It’s what acts as the base for democratic elections

It’s hard to find, so when we find it we smother it with protection

It’s genuine and pure, so it doesn’t need an inspection

It’s amazing because it’s the soil that sprouts all affection

And although sometimes we’ll face rejection

There will always be room for resurrection

From misdirection to retrospection,

It all lies around this human connection


But the modern day world

With its smartphones and social media, is like an infection

It’s taken life experiences

And forced them to go through selection

And after the dust settles

There’s nothing real left cause we only aim for perfection

We disregard what’s real

Cause we’re all scared of circumspection

There’s no room left for living

Cause all we care about is future recollection