Are More Gun Laws Necessary? by J.L.

The gun law topic has been debated and contemplated for quite some time now, even getting the President’s attention with the more recent college shooting in Oregon. Many are thinking about how to get more gun away from criminals with stricter laws when most criminals don’t care about the law at hand, what we should really be doing is getting more surrounding laws protecting us from other people. We also need to rethink  The new gun laws won’t protect us from criminals and they affect more of the population. The new gun laws might decrease the amount of gun crimes but it won’t ever stop the crimes from continuing. What we need to look at is the cases of normal people doing these actions and not showing any signs before doing the said action, these types of cases have been more frequent and more common in the community around the U.S.A.

Gun laws should be regulating the people who don’t have guns but are able to buy them, they need to be stricter and more regulated. look at the more recent case of a shooting from the Oregon community college. The shooter was a student at the college, and he was taking english and theater classes and even started the shooting in one of his english classes starting with the teacher. We don’t know too much about the shooter like medical records, what he was like in school but we know he was able to obtain the guns easily. “All the guns were legally obtained by the shooter or family members over the last three years.” The 13 different guns found at the college all were obtained by a licensed federal firearms dealer. The shooter singled out christians even asking them to stand up and saying to them, “you’re going to see god in just about a second.” The motive behind doing this is unknown and we will never know the answer since the shooter was killed in a gunfight with the police.

After the Oregon shooting Obama decided to throw in his hat into the argument of gun control. He said that, “Each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” and that we need more gun legislation in a speech at the White House. Obama’s speech is fully written down and it talks about many different things about gun control and how these mass shootings have become more of a routine to say we need more gun control.Obama has since been working on more gun control but it’s hard to make significant progress on this widely debated topic.

How about in Chicago where two kids found a gun and the gun accidentally went off hospitalizing one of the kids. These two kids found a gun in their house in a neighborhood at the city’s west side. after this smaller shooting police are trying to find the father of the child with the gun who is said to be on Parole. That was the most recent shooting with many more that have happened earlier with all these different gun shootings being the most Chicago has ever experienced before. The city has since had 205 different incidents in 28 days according to the more recent police statistics. The shootings with the two children was only days after a different shooting killed a 9 year old kid. The easy access to the guns has made it easier for these types of actions to happen.

The last example I am going to bring up has happened Wednesday December the 3rd a mass shooting happened killing 14 and injuring 21. This is considered a mass shooting and this will be my last example using a mass shooting to prove my point. The shooting happened in a government building at 11 am with the killer still not found yet. We will never know the reason behind his actions until we actually find him. President Obama made another speech after the events of this shooting arguing, “The shooting was possible related to terrorism but might also be workplace related.” All the guns were bought legally from an arms dealer and even had the said owner of the shop deny all accounts that they sold guns to the shooter. This is still under investigation on his motive but what Investigators are saying is, “It’s possible that some combination of motivation involving both a workplace dispute and terrorism prompting the shooting,” More and more updates are getting posted to different websites talking about the people affected by this shooting and the people even killed in the shooting. Diving into their background and what type of person they were.

Gun laws have always been aimed at stopping these massive shootings over the recent years which it should but we still need stricter gun laws regarding individuals that don’t look like a criminal or won’t normally act like one. Some of the more recent shootings have been done by people that are known as quieter people. We can’t always be looking into these said laws stopping criminal behavior but more into will it stop just normal people from doing these types of actions. The gun control laws should be stricter on background checking people and checking their medical records trying to find anything that could look, different and making the gun dealer make an educated decision on if he wants to sell the person a gun or not. The prolonged fact that we haven’t really been dealing with this issue has to come to an end and we need to start standing up for this change. Over the past year we have had over 200 different shootings happen in America, with more on the way if we don’t change and fix our gun policy.



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