Religion by W.R.

I believe in God,

but I often forget what it means

to believe.  


When I lose touch with God

I often wish that was I closer,

however I don’t want to tell anybody

about what God means to me.


If you believe in God,

good for you, don’t tell me about it.

However, knowing a couple of bible verses

doesn’t necessarily make you religious

and quoting Corinthians on Facebook

doesn’t make you a prophet.

Following a religion blindly

and not understanding the purpose

is dangerous.


You will find yourself participating in something

that you don’t believe in.


Why do some self proclaimed Christians

embrace one part of the Bible

and reject another?  


Why do some Muslims

kill infidels

and others don’t?

Yet they both read the same book.


Why do some Christian churches

welcome homosexuals,

yet other churches

banish them to Hell?


Why do some Christians

fear God

and live a life of paranoia and anxiety

about where they will go in the afterlife,

when other Christians assume that they are saved?


Why are people slaughtered every day for not practicing a Religion

that preaches peace?



If you are



Do you accept homosexuals?


Why not?

The Bible states that sodomy is unnatural and punishable by death,

but also that God loves everyone and has put us here

because he loves us.


If you are Muslim.


Do you wage war against non believers?

Because the Quran says that you should.   


If you are Catholic


Are you ok with priests molesting children?     


Who is right?

Why are they right?

Is religion even worth it?


Is living my life on God’s terms

even worth it?


What if I come to the end of my days

and realize

that instead of making my own way through life,

I followed God’s way;


what if God doesn’t exist and my life had been wasted?

What if instead of seeing the light and being greeted by Christ,

my soul falls into an eternal pit of nothingness

with the rest of the departed.


Is it worth the risk though?

What if I make my own way through life,


and end up in Hell.


is Hell even there?


The concept of religion

and the people who embrace it

are so contradictory

that religion itself can seem unappealing at times.


Parents don’t want their children to attend Catholic school

because they are afraid of the priests

preying on the students.


Thousands of people are fleeing from Syria

In order to avoid war

With the Islamic State


The Westboro Baptist Church wants to reinstate rules from Biblical times

and enforce the death penalty for homosexuals.


Abortion clinics are in danger

of conservative extremists.


The people who claim to be religious

often make me want to avoid religion

due to the incorrect image that they reflect.


Which makes me consider.


Is religion even worth it?

Or should I not risk it?


Poem by A.S.

The Christ

The Koran

The Vedic Texts


War, Death it’s all the same

Humans, why can’t they live alongside each other

Gangs, School


Why Can’t we stop the fighting

Is it in our blood

Our drive to survive

When will we find our rightful place

Among the great expanse

A world where understanding is Religion




It’s this, that makes the world the way it is

Ourselves, we are so selfish that we forget the real problem, us

This selfishness, it masks the problem like a thick fog

It connects everyone one of us equally, no matter how “good” society thinks you are

We are all the same

Our only hope is understanding one another