Your Voice, Your Choice by H.S.

Society has created limited categories for humans to specifically view other humans. This affects people’s decisions on how they perceive other people.  These citizens should not sink into the limits of labels. They should create their own communities. They should stand up for themself, and express their voice.

Growing up, I feel like I had to overcome labels to be my true self. Also, I feel like, as a child, labels have restricted me from different opportunities. Labels are harming to a child’s growth (Psychology Today). This is because labels on different students creates a judgemental screen. Jimmy Santiago Baca believes that because of his impoverished childhood, he felt pain and was unable to excel in academics. Baca says, in A Place to Stand,  “Books separated me from people like her and those two detectives, who used law books to perpetrate wanton violence against poor people” (p. 100). The experience Baca had was partially because of labels. Labels can be socially and emotionally challenging (The Conversation).

On the other hand, some people believe that labels encourage children to live up to what is expected of them. Labels can be good, because telling a child they are smart will help them believe that they are smart (The Conversation). This helps builds a positive self-esteem that will boost a child’s academic skills. Labels could also help someone meet new people who are of the same label as they are, such as race and social status. Branching out can be difficult, but meeting new people who are similar to them can be easier. Labels in the essences of smart and pretty are positive and encouraging. Nonetheless, labels are limiting and mostly negative.

I have been taking a stand against labels. I had the great opportunity of being apart of the American Indian Youth Leadership Institute (AIYLI) committee. By being involved with creating an annual conference that builds leadership skills, connects, and gather students to embrace their Native ways, I believe I know that I can be my true self, and I can stand up for myself.

Since most labels are negative, we should try not to use labels. People should rise above the limits of labels and stereotypes, so they can become the truly great person they are. We should stop using labels, because labels are deteriorating. Tate Todea my AIYLI co-chair expresses that “AIYLI works on rising above stereotypes, and taking a stand.” I believe everybody should have this eye opening experience, so they can have a fulfilled life of being themselves.


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Widespread expectancy by G.H.

Expectations are always set.

They’re everywhere and they’re controlling.

I’m expected to be pretty, expected to act pretty

“ladies should wear makeup,” they all say, making my gut twist with vexation.

Hearing my friends complain about their faces when they’re unpainted,

Always waiting for them to paint them- is distressing

I shouldn’t speak my mind, about how I feel, yet I should be happy

I should put makeup on too, and speaking about how much I dislike it, would break expectations

I live in fear of the expectations set for me, set to box me in, worried about what people may think.


I expect people to like me, and to be nice

I expect people to see when they’re being sexist, or racist, and when they’re being insensitive

“You don’t seem latina” “you eat so much for a girl!” “I just like hot pieces of ass”

And yet I am surprised by how often I see sexism and racism being supported.

I expect people to to see why Donald Trump is rude, and embarrassing

And I  continually see his supporters, ignoring, and even agreeing with his hateful campaign

“Make America Great Again”- I would just like to say, you’re wrong.

What makes America great has nothing to do with illegal immigrants, and building a wall

I expect people to know that, and am continually disappointed

I expect humankind to be full of compassion and love, because we were gifted with the abilities

Yet there’s hate around every corner, as if people don’t want to love

It is harder to love, than to hate- but it’s so much more rewarding to love

Can’t people see that?


I don’t like parties, and new people often make me nervous, and I’m expected to like them

“Gabi, parties are fun!”

Not the kind of parties you like.

“Why do you look sad?”

Well, I’m not happy to be here

I expect people to understand, and help me, and be nice

Yet, they aren’t

They say it’s not cool to stay home instead of party, parties are how you make friends

But those aren’t the type of friends I need- I expect people to see that

The Right College by A.L.P

  Choosing a “good” college for you,  first of all, should be based on your personality and where you will learn best. If you go to a college for it’s reputation and fail because it’s not the best learning environment for you, that’s worse than doing great in a college with less of a reputation.

 A good college should not be based on the reputation of a school and your grade point average.

When I used to live in Brazil, I used to go to a super expensive school where people didn’t really care the grade you get in a test or where was your college dream. They would talk about every once in awhile though, but still was not something that mattered that much. When I moved here, things changed. I honestly feel like people at fairview are so smart and basically all the care about is getting in a good college. Sometimes though the college that they really want, is based on parents opinions or have a good reputation, for example Harvard. Here at fairview I feel like people are always judging you depending on the college you go to and they all have the stereotype of Harvard college type of thing, but there are families that can’t afford a good college because of it’s price. I sometimes feel intimidated to talk about those kind of things and college between my friends and that’s something that shouldn’t be a problem in our society, especially in our school nowadays.