Why You Need To Play by Z.F.

And Indie game (Independent Video Game) is made by a single person or a small group that usually have no financial support from a large game company. Undertale, a well-known Indie Game, is no exception. Having to use Kickstarter, a website for people to donate towards a cause, this particular game started with virtually no money but raised over $51,124, over ten times more than the final asking amount. Because of the uniqueness of the game, 2,398 people wanted to support the development and see its release. Having over 1 million copies sold, this game became a huge success in the gaming community and was rated a 97% approval. All the numbers and stats can be seen as repetitive, but a description should fully convince you, the reader, to play this outstanding game. Because of its comedic situations, intense and engaging gameplay, and outstanding music, anyone with a computer must experience this truly superb game . This is not a full description, so a lot of things I have intentionally left out for you to explore, and the less you know, the better time you will have playing this. So if this has convinced, leave this post now for your own sake!

Humor can be a huge part of breaking the ice between the game and its player, and it also can help engage the player even more into the game. Undertale is full of great wise-cracking antics that helps make the experience much more enjoyable. During an intense fight that is heart wrenching, the foe occasionally will throw an unexpected pun your way, almost throwing the player completely off, an example being when a skeleton says “..I have gotten a ton of work done today, a skeleton. This allows the player to have a better connection with the character, making the battle much more interesting. Sometimes, when wandering around, the player may come across something like a phone call who has the wrong number. However, instead of ending the call, he breaks into a song. This makes exploring and moving from place to place much more interesting and engaging, because the player has no idea what to expect. The comedic situations help create a better environment for the player, making it feel more real, just like the gameplay.

Although simple, the gameplay mechanics are ones that truly set Undertale apart from most role-playing adventures. The player moves his/her ‘heart’, the controllable character, around a box that limits its movements and must dodge certain objects that fly around in different ways in the box. This kind of gameplay is easy to learn and is a unique experience. The objects constantly change and move around in ways that keeps the player active and engaged. However, the rules and boundaries are often broken, making things even more interesting. Sometimes the box will grow or shrink (sometimes disappear completely), the heart may become paralyzed in one place and is equipped with a shield to defend itself, or a certain object will heal the player rather than hurt him/her. Because of this the changing dynamic of the gameplay due to situations constantly changing as stated above,  the player will always be surprised and on his/her toes. There is one important component in the gameplay, and that is the option to fight the foe after dodging attacks, or sparing him/her. The element of gameplay changes based on the choices the player makes, causing no two experiences in Undertale to be the same. Because of the option to talk the enemy into friendship, or kill the foe, it provides different experiences that  all have different consequences based on the player’s choice. A pacifist may have a harder time battling an enemy but ultimately may be provided good karma. The different options causes the player to want information on what would happen if he/she chose the other path, as a result, replayability because of the differences from one gameplay to the other.  

A good game is required to have great music that emulates the mood of what is happening. It allows people not only associate a character with a model but also a sound/pulse. It can also be heard outside of the game due to its catchiness, its effect it had on the player, and how it inspires others in a way dialogue cannot. Toby Fox, the head designer, created the music himself. He even based most scenarios and characters off of the music rather than the other way around. Undertale music is heard everywhere, from being in ipods to thousands of music videos and covers on youtube. There is no doubt this game is popular, due to its effect on people musically because of its popularity stated above. It was composed so purposefully and with intentions that encourage emotion, this certainly touched the heart of each who played it.

This game should be played by any and all who can because of it’s hilarious gameplay, evolving and simple mechanics with effective choices, and the unbelievable music. It would be a shame for someone to miss such a delightful experience, and if I could give each person a copy, I would. Yes, this game is the rage of the internet and has been dominating social media, but for good reasons. People recognize how much this game can change you as a person and affect your daily life. Each character connects with the player with in a deep and emotional level. Each song, caused extreme amounts of emotion to fill their soul. I want you, no, I need you, to go and play it. Don’t watch any videos beforehand, just play it. Like I said, the less you know about it, the better your experience. Enjoy the game.