Abuse by J.R.

Domestic violence and abuse is a leading cause of homelessness of women and children in america. Statistically Abuse causes 90% of homelessness for women. 1 in 4 American women become the victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime. Because of the need for escape many women’s only hope is to become homeless. No one wants to become homeless but many times it can be the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Due to many landlords adopting zero tolerance policies for crime, women can be evicted even when they are the victims of abuse. These same women can also be evicted by landlord, because of damages caused by the perpetrator. In a michigan study, women currently and formerly receiving welfare, who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse are far more likely to face eviction than other women. Also women living in lower income neighborhoods, are more likely to become victims of abuse, than women living in more affluent areas.  The system does not create a safe and protective space for these women and children who are forced into the streets by abuse. As the system stands now these individuals are being punished for what is acted upon them. By following this current pattern the already broken system is encouraged. The same system that would rather displace homeless out of the general public’s eye that form and give the help necessary to creating better quality life for our fellow citizens.

With 1 in 4 women being and more than 3 million children experiencing abuse every year, the current system in the U.S brings those in need of protection, and safety into a life of homelessness. Abuse causes more than just bruises and scars it affects the way of life mentally and emotionally while also taking away the ability to live in a home.


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