Alcoholism by J.M.

The definition of alcoholism is. The addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor, or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency. Alcoholism is a very serious thing. It can cause sickness, depression, or even death. one in every twelve adults suffer from alcoholism, and if you do the math that’s around 17.6 million people in the U.S that have this problem. Alcohol is a very addictive substance whether we know it or not and something must be done about it.

Alcohol can lead to health issues. Some of these  issues include hypoglycemia, Hypertension, brain damage, heart damage, and liver damage. With all of these crucial organs at stake one might  ask why people continue to drink. This is why alcoholism is so bad, it takes that choice away slowly killing you every time you take a sip. as a result of this downward spiral over 88,000 people die from alcohol in the U.S, and up to 40% of hospital beds excluding intensive care beds are used to treat people with conditions related to alcohol consumption.  The saddest part about this is that these symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to alcoholism. There are over 30 other severe symptoms that are attached to alcoholism. So with all of these problems there has to be a solution right?

Alcoholism can be treated  numerous ways. If you have the willpower you can conquer alcoholism on your own. The simplest way to solve alcoholism is to just stop drinking it. When alcoholics try to go abstinent 50% of them are free of the addiction by the end of the year. But what aBout the other 50%  that simply can’t stop drinking, for these people there are other ways to solve this problem. There is the three step plan that includes detoxification, rehabilitation, and maintenance of sobriety. Following these steps along with social support from family and friends. Most alcoholics recover and go back to living their healthy lives. Of course the best way to avoid alcoholism is to not be around alcohol at all.  

Avoiding alcoholism can be very tricky, this is because it is part of our culture. Everywhere you look alcohol is very prevalent. It’s hard to get away from it because in this day in age kids are consuming alcohol at lower and lower ages. kids as young as 12 are beginning to consume alcohol such as liquor and beer. Why is this you might ask? Underage drinking has a lot to do with peer pressure. if you ask most kids they will say they started because their friends go them into it, or they just drink at parties. Either way the consumption of alcohol at such young ages are detrimental to one’s health. As already stating alcohol can cause major health issues like brain damage and heart damage. This is already very bad for the normal adult, but when you’re a kid, you’re practically disabling your future self. Brain damage and heart damage at that age can affect you for your whole life. The best solution to this problem would be hanging out with the right people, and realizing drinking doesn’t make you cool it disables you for life.

Alcoholism is a very serious addiction and should never be taken lightly. It affects all of your major organs and could possibly lead to death. Alcohol consumption as a kid is the biggest mistake you could make and should not be thrown around lightly either. Above all if you want to go out for a drink. do it just know your limits. Also if anyone you know is suffering from alcoholism call this number 866-949-7195. You could be the one to save a loved one’s life.