Poverty by G.G.

Poverty is something you see in your everyday life on the streets at school and maybe even in your own home. Poverty has been around forever and it’s everywhere except dubai lol. I want to compare some things to a book I read , Absolute true diary of a part time indian and he’s poor. He has to hitchhike to school because his parents don’t have money for gas and if he doesn’t get lucky hitch hiking he walks. Arnold later in the book metes a girl named penelope and they go to the dance and he’s just on his toes hoping she doesn’t want to take a picture because that cost money lol, After the dance penelope’s friends invite her and arnold to eat and he doesn’t want to go because he has 8 $ so he’s in the bathroom about to throw up but one of penelope’s friends gives him 40$ to cover the bill.to me this just shows how emberassed he was of being pooor and he didnt want people to know, and how much a person is willing to lie to hide the truth.


Being poor is nothing to be ashamed of things happen you might be at the top and your life goes downhill but there’s always a recovery point where you can turn your life around. There’s always going to be someone who has more or less than you and that’s just how life is.Poverty is a world topic that doesn’t get much attention and when I see these famous athletes and actors going around like africa and providing clean water or a education makes me think there is hope for the world. That someday once enough people do this there won’t be poverty, imagine a world without poverty but a world knowing you ad enough to live now that would be awesome.


My parents grew up poor in mexico my mom came from a family of 18 brothers and sisters ! And my dad a family of 10 brothers and sisters and everytime I break something they tell me hey take care of it because there’s people who wish who had that. For example when I was little and I would always lose my toy cars my dad would tell me to not lose them cuase in mexico he didn’t have shit he would have to play with rocks and pretend they were cars. My dad was the second oldest in the family he sacrificed a lot grandparents didn’t have money for school so he dropped out so his younger brother could go to school.

 My dad dropped out and started working like a man in the 3rd grade! I respect my dad and look up to him for overcoming poverty he always tells me it’s not easy but things get better when ronald reagan was president and he was giving papers to immigrants my dad brought over all my aunts and uncles ( his brothers and sisters ) so they could get their papers and have a better life.Once he tried to come at the end because he stayed with my grandparents for a while still once he tried to come he got caught by immigration 2 times and was never able to get his papers but he doesn’t care he’s just grateful he got everyone else here. Every december his brothers and sisters leave to mexico for the end of the year parties and festivals because they have papers and my dad doesn’t but he doesn’t care he knows he’ll go back soon since he already has his papers in process.


My dad says being poor wasn’t that bad it taught him a lot and also the family was a lot closer he says he feels when a family has a lot of money the families aren’t as close.Poverty is a everyday thing some people experience it and some don’t luckily for me I didn’t have to because my dad is good with his money and always has had good jobs. And I thank him for that and now that i’m older I understand when he tells me like he take care of it I didn’t have shit . I hope later in time in the world there isn’t poverty but for the mean time i know there’s people doing something I know I do something sometimes when homeless people come to my job i usually give them food everyone deserves a good meal once in awhile.


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