Standards Vs. Self; The Pressure High School Women are put Under to Fit In by R.P.

“It feels like a constant competition” “I feel like I need to act drunk at parties”  “If your not skinny you’re not seen” “I feel little when those girls walk by”.  Skinny, Hot, blonde, sexy,party-girl,slutty. Standards. These are just some of beauty standards women of all ages,are faced with everyday.  This piece focuses on the eurocentric beauty standards, globally beauty standards are much different then what we see on the cover of magazines, for example in Kenya gorging holes through your ears and noses is the accessory everyone wants.

In the US and Europe women are judged daily, for what they look like, how they behave, throughout high school, women often say they don’t like their bodies, or feel they have to act fake or not themselves in order to fit in. This is causing an outbreak in teenage anxiety and suicide rate. According to suicide is the third leading cause of death in the 15-24 age group. This is not right. People feeling they cannot even be alive due to stupid locker room talk, that is not right. During my interview with fellow classmates I asked many girls, how they truly feel about school uniforms, as expected the girls who were dressed top to bottom in designer clothing and had “perfect” bodies said “OMG no I would literally kill myself” ironic right? While others responded in a different way, “That would be great we’d be equal no one can compete we look exactly the same”, unfortunately the world can’t have uniforms, we are forced to walk the streets looking different, remember when you were a kid and being unique was installed in your head, well reality check being unique makes you the weird kid.  Think back to a time you pretended to be someone you’re not, we’ve all done it, did you feel good about yourself, probably not you felt wrong you’re basically lying to yourself. In order to get to the root of the anxiety you have to dig deeper it’s not the other girls, it’s you horrible to think about I know, but it is you, you have to be ok with yourself, love yourself, know yourself.  Talk to yourself daily, when you’re walking down the hall, when you see “those girls” I am me, I love me, I know me, there’s no need to lie, nor pretend. I don’t need to fit in this box in this conformed square, I am content with myself I am confident, I am and will be my unique weird self.


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