Melting the Pot by T.P.

Sitting in the living room watching on election night watching the votes tally up, my mother walks in. Trump had been announced the winner. Her first comment was “I don’t feel comfortable in this country”.

My mother is a Japanese immigrant. She has been here as a permanent resident for around twenty years. Long enough for her to be able to apply for citizenship, but she choses to keep her green card though. She herself has talked about moving back to Japan before and was subtly referencing her desire to leave the United States.

Hatsue Nagasawa’s, my mother, friends mostly consist of other Japanese people, she watches Japanese TV shows. She has become friendly with some American people but those friendships would rarely last. Why is it that a country of immigrants does so poorly making my mother feel comfortable here.

“I know that the way I do things and how other people do things is different. I think that people and I always feel uncomfortable around each other,” says my mother. People surround themselves with people with similar interests, culture, beliefs. It is what makes us feel comfortable.

My mother though seemed totally unfazed the following days after the election. The next morning over breakfast I was expecting my mother to comment on the election somehow, I had heard plenty from my father already. Over and awkward silence I start with a long “soooooooo”, and my mother fills in the gap with, “so have you been working on your college apps?” Just the complete normality of her demeanor had me ask later why she was so unaffected.

Her answer was surprising to me. She claims to have seen it coming and had stated that she expected not much to change, perhaps people being more open about their attitude towards herself…no more.

Lots of high schools have reported an increase in racism in schools. Many school administrations have had to write apology letters to parents of all students addressing the problem. She was right.

What does this mean moving forward. As president Obama has said the sun rose this morning and will rise tomorrow. Life will go on, I think a lot of americans have made a statement with the candidate they decided to putin office.

Until November 2020 we have our new president. At that point the clear winner is Kanye West in 2020 so do not fear American’s we can make america Yeesus again.


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