How Climate Change Affect Our Future Kids by Sabrina Wilsdon

Interviews question

1 Do you think the climate is changing?

I ask my dad and he said yes – I am sure it is changing .

2 How do you think it is changing?

  • Is it getting warmer
  • Are there more storms

I ask my dad and he said is getting warmer and the weather is changing – some places are dryer and some are wetter and storms are getting bigger .

3 What are the causes of climate change?

  • Humans burning oil?
  • Natural cycles

I ask my dad and he said human beings are burning oil- so much oil that greenhouse gases are trapping  heat from the sun .

4 What are the result of climate change

-Ice melt and oceans rises

-Fires are getting bigger

-harder to grow food

– drought (no rain)

I ask my dad and he said ice caps are melting causing the sea level to rise which is flooding people’s houses and building.  Also drought making it hard for people’s and animal’s to have food. Also bigger storms are damaging property and killing people’s and animal’s.

5 How can we stop climate change?

  • Drive an electric car charged from solar panels or wind
  • Drive less or more efficient cars
  • Use less stuff- recycle
  • Compost

I ask my dad and he said Burn less oil by driving less, generating power with solar panels and wind, driving electric cars and most of all being more efficient.

6 How does climate change affect animals


  • Harder to get food because of drought
  • More because of change

I ask my dad and he said It’s destroying their habitat so they have to migrate adapt or die. Some can more adapt, but many will die.

7 Is it fair that animal’s have to more or suffer?

No- we the human beings can make changes and we must changes to protect the animal’s now! Act quickly!

8 Does the government have the job to try to stop climate change?

Yes because the people of the world are demanding it. We must all do what we can but we must also demand that the government do the things that they can to make changes.  

9 How important is it to you to try to stop climate change?

I ask my dad and he said It is the most important thing we can do as humans right now. We must do all we can to save the planet for the people and animals that will  come after us .

I will say it important to save the planet because it is the one plant we know.

Research Question – how climate change affect people and wildlife there is a climate change the paris agreement

According to Real Climate Global temperature goes from heat record to heat record, yet the sun is at its dimmest for half a century.  

According to National Geographic hundreds of birds are washing up dead in the Bering Sea . So the Tufted Puffins white-masked, orange- beaked seabirds from North America because of warm temperature the ocean food web has shifted which can destroyed the whole eco-system.   

According to National Geographic the tufted puffins started washing ashore on St. Paul Island in mid-October—first a handful, then dozens.  

According to National Geographic NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center in Santa Cruz, California, are in territory to what happening to the Tufted Puffins that are coming up to the land so the food web that makes it hard for the other animals too.

According to Dolphins- world wild dolphins face many natural dangers within the deep expanse of the ocean, however the most overwhelming threat to their existence is man.

According to Dolphins- world although some dolphin species are considered an endangered species, alarming statistics suggest that more and more dolphins are being killed by illegal dynamite fishing, being caught in fishing nets, collisions with boats and or propellers, marine pollution, disease and bleaching due to sonar interference than ever before.

According to Dolphin-world Research suggests that over 95% of dolphin deaths are directly attributable to man-related causes. According to Dolphin -world The capture and subsequent holding of dolphins in research and aquarium facilities is contributing to their deaths at an alarming rate.

According to Dolphin-world Researchers suggest that the capture process itself is resulting in an increased number of deaths among dolphins.

According to Dolphin- world the capture procedures, the transportation of the captured dolphins, the exposure to disease in captivity, are only some of the threats that dolphins face when they are taken from their natural environment.

According to Dolphin- world the increased popularity of swimming with dolphins programs have brought more and more dolphins into danger as their feeding and breeding areas are being invaded by tourists.

According to Dolphin- world since dolphins are at the top of the food chain, the impact of contamination is much higher as Dolphins eat fish and plants that may have been contaminated in different places, increasing the risk to themselves.

According to Dolphin- world  Noise pollution is also a great danger to dolphins in the wild. Activities like oil drilling, navigational sonars and even ship engines create continuous streams of underwater noise that can frighten, disorient or even injure the dolphins.

According to  Dolphin- world Besides, noise pollution force sometimes dolphins to move away from their feeding and breeding areas, causing different problems According to Dolphin-world  Another cause of death for the dolphins is the injuries suffered by the entanglement in cages, shark safety nets and fishing nets as well as collisions with ships and rotor blades.

According to Dolphin-world As we explore more and more the ocean and their “habitat”, we’re bringing the dangers to them.

According to Dolphin-world Despite that some dolphin species are considered an endangered species, some of them are still the target of sport fishing and they are often shot to reduce their presence in fishing areas or even for bait.

In addition to the threats introduced by men into their habitat, wild dolphins are also at the mercy of nature, as any other animal.

According to Dolphin- world Regardless they are at the top of the food chain, still they have to compete with sharks and toothed whales for food.

According to the effect of Global Warming or seasonal weather changes have caused the loss of food sources, impacting the survival rates of dolphins in the wild.

According to Dolphin- world the effect of Global Warming or seasonal weather changes have caused the loss of food sources, impacting the survival rates of dolphins in the wild.  

According to Tech Times the reasoning people think climate change is not- real is because nearly two-thirds or 63 percent of Americans think climate change is occurring. Around 52 percent think that if global warming is indeed happening, it is generally caused by humans. So the reasoning is because people don’t care about the world but themself and are education but don’t think it cause any issue /harm.


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