Students are Getting Anxiety More Than Ever by D.K.

Imagine hyperventilating on a daily bases. On top of that you have chest pains and an increased heart rate. Your body starts trembling, and you won’t be able to get in control. “It’s hard right before you have something that’s a big part of your grade and not knowing if your gonna do good or not,” Ariana Garcia a senior at Fairview said.

Panic attacks are a normal part of having anxiety disorder. It is caused by stress and traumatic events. Today many students start experiencing anxiety in school from pressure and stress. Schools now put more work on students than it was years ago and with the added pressure of colleges, tests, and stress outside it has affected students. Over the years this is happening more and more. According to the Elements of Behavioral Health it is found that 25% students from ages 13-18 have anxiety while only 18% of adults also experience it. A survey by the American Psychological Association said 45% of high school students are stressed by the pressure. The fear of not doing well can also be a cause.

According to WebMD ever since kindergarten we learn that succeeding is very important that it turned competitive. The pressure of school is going to the “right” college, getting the “right” grades, and getting the “right” job that if it doesn’t happen it can be personal. By succeeding at this it’s stressful. There is also pressure of others around you who want that best. Sophia Simoncic a student at Fairview said, “I don’t get that stressed out with deadlines but when I do it’s my parents pressuring me to get high grades. The pressure of needing A’s can make it more stressful.”

I asked Lili Cushing another senior at Fairview when she gets stressed how does it make her feel. She said, “I get stressed during deadlines. I get anxiety, more energy, get louder, complain more, and start freaking out. I don’t get panic attacks or anything I can feel that I can’t handle.”

College can have high expectations. Looking at extracurricular activities, GPA, what class have been taken, and test scores adds to the pressure of doing the best. The cost of college has gone up and figuring out how to pay for it can have an impact on stress.  

Outside of school can add to the stress of school. There are many students who do extracurricular activities, have jobs, take class that it can be hard to balance. Social media and family issues can also be a cause to stress and can affect how well students do in school. According to an article in The Atlantic six out of ten students are involved in extracurricular activities. 72% of them feel pressured to quit in order to exceed in school. I asked weather they have activities outside of school and does it have an affect. “Yes,” Ariana Garcia said. “I am going to many meeting for different clubs and organizations that I don’t have as much time to study as I would like. I am in one advanced class and it is very time consuming .I don’t have much time to do everything I need to do.”

Managing stress is important when it comes to school. WebMD said, “a little stress is good but too much of it can backfire.” “What I do to manage stress is watch videos. I try to get most of my work done in school so I don’t have to worry about it later. It helps a lot,” Lili Cushing said. According to an article in the Huffington Post some solutions for helping anxiety is managing time and keeping things in a positive perspective can help lower stress. Anxiety is treatable and can be managed over time, but it’s when it happens all the time it can be hard to handle.


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