Renewable and clean energy by B.C.

The Date was April 26th 1986 and a disaster drastically worse than any other of its type before had just begun. It was reactor Number 4. A light water graphite reactor had begun to melt down. A meltdown so bad that 30 years later they are still cleaning up the area. Along with cleaning up the area they had just completed a massive dome that was moved into place over Reactor 4 and sealed it up.

Many people belive that nuclear energy is clean, but Chernobyl should be a gleaming example that it is not. Although it is a lot cleaner than fossil fuels, it still has the risk of meltdown which is absolutely horrible for the environment and can affect areas around it for decades. Not only that but it can affect the environment permanently by mutating plants and animals. Plants and animals wouldn’t be the only ones affected, as humans can get radiation poisoning, cancer, or even worse: genetic mutations that they will pass down to their children – all caused by the meltdown.

Imagine never having your TV, phone, or even lights ever again. It’s not that they are going to disappear, but the energy that powers them will, unless we act now. Renewable energy is a rising concern in this world due to us running low on fossil fuels. These fossil fuels that have provided energy for the last two centuries is starting to run out. Fuels such as Coal, Oil, and methane gas that were created by the millions of years of heat and pressure on composting material is running low for the first and only time.

What is clean and renewable energy? It is any energy that does not require fossil fuels and has no impact on the environment such as releasing carbon dioxide or any other compounds. Examples of these are found sparsely but more increasingly across the globe. Solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric dams are all examples of clean and renewable energy.

How can you help? There is no clean-cut way on how to help, but there are some things that can potentially help. One could be going to school and studying clean and renewable energy, but you honestly have to have a passion for that because of the long commitment. Second you could invest in renewable energy companies by buying solar panels or buying wind mills, etc. One more way you can help is whenever there are bill propositions for your state, or even in the USA that require or give bonuses to clean and renewable energy you can vote “yes.”

If we don’t act now this world is going to be in severe danger in a few decades. As a first world country we owe it to the world to strive to keep this planet alive and thriving. It is not going to continue to thrive if we do not act now. Scientist have predicted that at the rate we use fossil fuels right now, we will be completely out of fossil fuels in two to three decades. That is the far end of a lot of our lives but the future of our children. This threat is real, so we need to invest in Clean and renewable energy now to save our children’s futures.


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