Maintaining Weight by S.R.

Helen Phillips, season seven contestant of The Biggest Loser, lost 140 pounds when on the show. She is known as the oldest contestant on the show and also the woman who holds the record for the most weight lost on the ladies side. She only ended up gaining back 18 pounds. This is one of very few success stories. Another Contestant, Eric Chopin of season three has one of the more common stories. He weighed 407 pounds before the show, one of the most dramatic changes ever, and ended up returning to 368 pounds. He is known as the man who has lost the most weights on the guys side.

Most people who participate on the Biggest Loser, are not able to maintain the weight lose and end up gaining it all back instead. According to this is because when such people have dramatic weight changes their metabolism slows down so much that they have to cut back on calories so much more in order for them to maintain their weight. In the beginning of the show the contestants were able to burn around 2600 calories and by the end they were only able to burn 1900. So not only did they have to limit the amount of calories they intake, but also have to make sure they were good calories. That is a lot of change for those people with previous lifestyles Their metabolisms also didn’t speed up again when they gained all the weight back which makes it even harder for them to try and lose weight.   

Those who are able to maintain weight are those who exercise consistently and eat healthy. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for a ten mile run everyday and then eat kale. It just means that you should get at least ten minutes of exercise a day, even if it’s just a walk and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. The key to staying on a healthy diet is to let yourself have cheat days occasionally. All of these factors lead to a healthy lifestyle that will help maintain and lose weight.  


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