How much can she take: Sexism in the workplace is not improving by C.C

Her name means much more, although these chefs don’t care.  They scream at the top of their lungs and curse her out.  All because she wouldn’t bring them cooking supplies.  They would give her more crap, and use amazing hand gestures.  These old, fat, hairy man were so called chiefs, in her eyes the were scums.

Although it was the dishwasher’s job, she still did it.  Picking up heavy pots, taking them, bring them back and washing them.  She was forced into working two jobs, seven hours a day.  She would get paid three dollars for every hour, five days a week.  This happen to her daily, throughout the first six months.  Her job was to clean the kitchen floor.

As for the Dishwasher who doesn’t do his job.  He grow a routine.  During rush hour he would hide, eat his lunch or smoke a pack of cigarettes.  He love taking his sweet ass time.  He truly didn’t care if he lost his job.  He was born here and could find one in no time.

As for the women, Her name is Carolta Herrera Hernandez.  She is a mother of two, a wife and in her mid-twenties.  After her seven hour shift, her day wasn’t over.  She would take two bus to go home.  Her shoes would fleck of, when opening the door.   Only to rest for ten minutes, then go to the kitchen.

Her abuse, alcoholic and loving husband expected a fresh homemade plate, evernight.  When  prepare her family meal, she would talk to herself.  On how much she loves her jobs, loves her kids education, loves her home and loves being in America.

How much can she take, In my eyes she’s  can take any challenge in life.  Then overcome it for her kids. How would you feel or react.  If you are told, you much work a man’s jobs and get paid less.  Or how would you feel if another person would take your credit.   

With the help of society’s values “Sexism in the the workplace is not improving”.  Not to mentions Women are asked to do more, get paid less and Men take credit for their work.  This topic isn’t new, if anything it’s been spreaded through the world over the centuries.  Effecting the role of gender, in society’s view and how much created can one take.


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