Trouble in Ethiopia by S.B.

First waking up hearing music and singing all around my open windowed room.  Walking into the kitchen witch has one light grabbing a bottle of water and moving on to to front door. As I exist I am greeted by two boys both of them unbelievably happy to see me. After they greet me we walked down the rickety road to where the music is. It was right next to the soccer field. Once the boys and I make it to the field. I see a group of men and women singing in a circle everyone with smiles on their faces. As soon as I notice them the see me as well and start dancing towards me as if to invite me to start dancing and having fun with them. But I went to go play soccer with all of the kids that were around my age. In the middle of the game we hear the lunch bell. So we walk over to where lunch is which is just a shack made out of mettle. When we get there lunch is beans and some rice each person gets half a cup of rice and half a cup of beans. When I was eating with all the kids I noticed that most of them were extremely malnourished. So from that day on I started to spend some of my own cash to try and help the (Tribe/Group). Even tho what I did wasn’t a lot of help it made a small change.

Why are a lot of people/children in Ethiopia that don’t get enough food. Usually it is due to the economy and the families are not making enough money to feed a family of 4 or 5. So this causes the kids not to be healthy. While researching writers said that if we start to support small farms that it would help create more job income for a small group of people which could help make the company into a bigger one so helping income grow. But as of right now “Most African farms are less productive than a U.S. farm was 100 years ago” (Renton). The thing that NGOs and the government are doing is working together so that the smaller farmers can get help and get some kind of help or funding towards helping them grow. As well as if people started focusing on veggies and not meet it could help the amount of food that is being used. “ Meat production is a wasteful use of the planet’s limited resources – even today, 40% of grain crops are going to feed livestock and fish. It is most inefficient with intensive beef farming, where it has been shown that just 2.5% of the feed given to cattle emerges as calories for our consumption” (The Guardian).

Creating change will be hard, Over 1 billion people in the world are starving or are hungry because they don’t have enough. Slowly we are helping fix the problem back in 2015, 111,072 received nutritional help, 175,084 people got access to safe drinkable water and sanitation and, 21,139 people have gained economic self sufficiency. That is around 307,300 people that get help even tho that is just 300,000 out of 93 million. Around 30% of the population is in need of help, that is around that’s around 400,000 or more people. Helping 300,000 is creating a much better country and world. that is a huge help and if the kids that I played soccer with get to go out and have food. They can grow up and get a job working and stay healthy and live a good life. A main reason why helping world hunger or even country hunger is that if you help 300,000 people and they have kids the kids will grow up more safe. With the kids growing up healthy then there will be population growth of healthy people. Which creates good resources.


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