The Monster Under The Covers by B.M.

Remember when you were little and you were scared of the monster under your bed?

When you got older you thought it wasn’t real. There is a monster that is very real and very dangerous. The monster’s name is Overpopulation, and the solution starts on the bed and under the covers. Our weapon against this monster is sex education, and birth control. The monster looms out of sight, and waits. We as humans are living longer and healthier lives, this feeds the monster. Think about a bus. When people get on the same number roughly should be getting off at the same time, but if less people get off than get on then it gets too crowded. The earth is the same way, the estimated capacity for our earth is around 10 billion according to livescience. Any more after that, we’ll start to run out of food. We’ll fall victim to the monster and meet our end.

The best way to combat the monster is to educate. Educate all people how to protect themselves. Teaching people about safe sex and sex in general could help fight this monster, along with another beast that lives among us. Disease is a beast that has ailed us for many many years. Things like STIs and AIDS have been affecting and even killing humans for many years. In fact before a proper treatment AIDS could kill very easily, but now with development of antiretroviral drugs we have reduced the rate of fatalities from AIDS to almost zero in the U.S. Because of these drugs, the rate of death from HIV and AIDS has dropped 41.1% since 2005 according to the World Health Organization. These drugged partnered with the proper education could destroy the monster. Knowledge of these diseases can be a motivation to fight the beast.

A difficult battle we must win in this fight against the monster is getting through religion. Most religions mark birth control and sex education as immoral making many shun the idea of protecting themselves. From a report by the CDC in the U.S alone over 62% women use contraceptives with the most common being the pill. This is in a first world country like the U.S where most are not strictly religious, and money is not a huge issue. For many in other non developed countries. Money and religion play into the population, and countries like this they are hurt the most by population. In a country like Uganda a mother tries, and barely succeeds in feeding her children. She doesn’t eat so that her 4-5 children can eat. This is where the monster lurks and feeds. On families who need to have mony children to support themselves and maintain their farmstead. However this further causes hunger among themselves and feeds the monster.

Some may fight the beast by having no children or only one. This is the route China forced upon its people. The one child policy had the right intention, but was much too drastic. Now the generation of people who were born during this, and are of working age are vastly outnumbered by the nonworking generations. Now a Mother and Father work tirelessly to support their child and their parents and grandparents. The custom in china is for families to live together  in one household. The Chinese economy will take a large hit in the near future. For us to defeat the monster we must only  have the children to replace us in the world. A total of two children is what will bring down the monster and allow us to balance the world population.

There are many groups of people who dedicate their time to educating people about birth control and sex. One of which is known as SHAPE. SHAPE stands for Sexual Health and  AIDS Awareness Peer Education. It’s a group of teens who a meet biweekly to discuss STI prevention, healthy relationships and birth control methods, and also hold workshops and travel to schools to educate students. As well as each mentor carries condoms at all time to hand out to anyone who asks. This was the answer from Olivia, a mentor in SHAPE whom I interviewed to find out more about a group who is educating people on sexual health. Groups like this are at the fore forefront of fighting the monster.


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