The importance of History in Modern Day Society by Hunter Kinney

I realized my love for history when I was in sophomore year my history class was  world history. I had a teacher that realized I had great knowledge of the subjects so she would push me to answer all the questions, or would give me a harder subject to write a paper on. And through these challenges I realized how much I was enjoying doing all the hard work and research to write the papers or to make a presentation. We talked often about world history and how some events could have changed the world with just the smallest change in the actions taken. These talks were the final push I needed to realize how much I truly love the subject of history. I finished the year with not only a newfound love of history but also a plan for the future. I knew I wanted to study world history in college and take that knowledge to get a job in a top museum or maybe come back home and get a job at the Denver Natural History museum.

The importance of learning history is so that you can make better thought out decisions in today’s democracy. Having a general knowledge of history is good and can be beneficial but without a better understanding of what you know and why it happened you could never know why the world is what it is today. Knowing why the conquistadors invaded Mexico, and why the Belgians took over the congo with an iron fist are two different topics but they have the same purpose behind them. And knowing the purpose is the most important thing when talking about history events. Without knowing the purpose of events in history is like not knowing history at all. The importance of knowing the purpose in history events is so you can actually apply those events to modern day events that happen all around you everyday. For example knowing why Pres. Lincoln first got the North engaged in the Civil War is one of the most important facts about American history there is to know. Knowing why he made the Gettysburg Address at Gettysburg, why he appointed certain generals to certain areas is even very important because you learn that he was not the only one making decisions in the war room.

Why knowing all these things are important is so you can understand why and how the decisions that kept America together were made. There are arguments to say that Pres. lincoln was the greatest President ever, or that Pres. George Washington for fighting for the freedom of the people of the United States of America. Knowing these two presidents is a necessary part of participating in America’s democracy. The events that have been happening in the last couple of weeks since Pres-elect Donald Trump was voted in have been some of the events that these two presidents talked about hundreds of years ago. Pres. G. Washington is quoted saying that a two party system would tear America apart. And Pres. Lincoln asked men to fight and die to keep America under one banner and a one party system.

The only way to actually participate in this conversation that is a part of our current democracy is to be actually knowledgeable about what decisions they made and why not something else. Knowing general history of America is good enough to participate in basic voting. But being able to know why some candidates are actually running for president, and for knowing why presidents in the past ran instead of others. We have a perfect example of why some people run some years instead of others. And why they run for some reasons instead of what they might have said in earlier years. Pres-elect Donald Trump is a very interesting person to win the election, because not only is America in a more democratic swing right now with the years President Obama gave us. But once Donald Trump won the election there were riots, people protesting, minority groups were terrified for their safety in public and even in their home. When Donald Trump was running for president he started off saying very radical ideas like building a wall at the Mexican-American border. He degraded a crippled veteran, he talked down to women. He also found a way to talk about China in every speech no matter the topic of the question. Eventually his speeches swayed more towards what the people wanted to hear and more on topic if asked a question. Although he did switch his speeches up one topic he talked about constantly is how bad of a person Hillary Clinton is. He always brought up the 30,000 deleted emails, and her abandoning American soldiers in Benghazi.

Both the candidates this year have been a complete 180 from the past two campaigns run against each other. But now that we are past the election and we do have a new president in Donald Trump, we as the American people refuse to work together under the one banner that won. After the election there were riots, protests, and people not going to work. Yet after the democrats won the last two years the republicans went back to work, did not riot or protest, they accepted Pres. Obama as their leader and went along with what needed to be done to make America better. Events like these are why knowing more about history is important so you can why people are doing what they are doing, when they are doing it. Knowing these things allows for you and others around you to not repeat history.     


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