The Bubble by S.P.

We live in a bubble, surrounded by sunshine and positivity. This bubble provides a healthier lifestyle. Surrounded by happy people, outdoor activities, mountains, open space, and 300 days of sunshine, the city of Boulder provides the perfect environment for a healthy body and a healthy mind. But what is the world like outside of this secluded bubble?

In Boulder, Colorado, there is a strong representation of healthy lifestyles: being active, eating healthy, and being very open minded. This has an extremely positive impact on most of the people here. They are encouraged to go hiking, biking, walking,

etc. Basically anything to get moving. People are also extremely kind. We respect each other, smile at strangers, and laugh in amazement at the street performers while walking down Pearl Street Mall.

Humans neurologically regulate with their surroundings.” Rebecca Roetto said in an interview, “When you are surrounded by positive people you tune in with the positive.” When taken out of this setting, it can be a huge culture shock. Roetto recently went on a trip back to her hometown of St. Louis. “This is one of the most racist cities in our country. In St. Louis, the different ethnicities are still segregated by neighborhoods… Being surrounded by this consciousness makes my heart hurt. It has taken such an effect on me that now I have a cough and don’t feel physically well.” When surrounded by negativity, and in this case, racism, it majorly affects your physical and mental health.

Roetto spoke about Boulder, emphasizing the difference between it and St Louis, “The weather is often nice enough to allow me to comfortably go outside and be active. Also, so many people in Boulder are active that it makes it even easier to get outside.” Steele Roddick, a member of ParticipACTION, supported this, “The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize how quickly the culture had taken hold. I was already being more active in my everyday life without really wondering why. No one told me I had to be more active. No one insisted that I walk more or go to the gym or take up a sport. Somehow it just happened organically. I didn’t consciously decide I needed to keep up with everyone. It just happened, naturally.”

We need to surround ourselves with positive and active people to maintain a healthy physical and mental health. But we also need to be aware that we do live in the “Boulder Bubble”. The world isn’t as perfect as we imagine it to be. The best thing we can do spread our Boulder vibes to parts of the country that need it most.


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