It’s Our Decision by M.V.

Her hands held the temples of her forehead as she gazed at the various college applications before her. Her face grew hot when the thought of just choosing one. Each of the school’s perks traced her mind. She shook her head, as if she believed it would take away the stress.

Search, discover, apply, hope. The four words that describe one of the most important processes in teenagers lives today around the world. The pressure of college is felt by everyone this time of year. The pressure pushed upon by parents and the craving for success. College applications add an extra edge on this pressure and can physically deteriorate children’s health and high expectations. states that a servey from 2011 showed only fifty eight percent of students enrolled to their first choice school.

Her parents urged her to apply to the same schools they attended. They said they were cheaper options and that she could major in agriculture, something she utterly did not want to aspire. “I don’t want to go to half of these schools.” She muttered to herself, not knowing the quiet library easily heard her. Kids looked over with blank stares, many sharing the same thoughts. At Fairview High School, the pressure of college is set upon the students the minute they sit down freshman year due to its academic excellence.

“It’s like a constant competition,” a student explained, “almost every person that goes here feels the pressure from their peers, which often put each other down to make themselves appear superior. I think being competitive to a certain level is healthy. We should always push each other to fulfil our potential and do our greatest work. I think that is how we can be successful. But when we start to push each other down, that’s when it becomes unhealthy.” She continued, “This pressure is more strongly presented by adults which really does put a physical toll on the students. My parents want the best for me, but many of my classmates do not have parents that trust their independence through the college application process, especially when their families are tight with money.” According to, sixty two percent of people said they do not believe most people can afford a public college education.

“It is understandable that parents do not want to pay outrageous prices for education, but ultimately the child should determine where they need to be to have success in their major, as well as their environment,” she said. “Although the price of college is an investment, I am willing to work for scholarships wherever I go, as well as pay it back through the job I get once going through such influential and inspiring programs that will be well worth the price.”

Interviewing students in our high school society gave me the opportunity to discover students different views and experiences working through their college processes as well as relate it to my personal encounter.  The feedback I got from my interviews overall followed my original theory that parents, peers, friends and other influences do apply pressure during the application process, especially throughout the Fairview High School environment. Ultimately, a child will not acclimate properly to an environment if they do not want to be there. The pressure pushed by parents can alter their child’s well being and never gives the student a sense of independence.


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