Good Health and Well Being by H.K.

I remember the pounding of feet as I ran beside my mom.  The Bolder Boulder is one of the largest populated runs in the Colorado.  I was in third grade when I ran it with my mother.  We were going slow because I wasn’t a very fast runner.  Being smaller I had a clear view of tall runners with strong calves, obviously from their running and biking careers.  Running through the neighborhoods was the best because people set up tables and handed out items to the runners including: gatorade, lemonade, cupcakes, energy gummies, doritos and more.  

From this experience for me, it gave Colorado a stereotype; Colorado must be one of the healthiest states in the U.S.  I drive down South Boulder Road to school every morning and it’s impossible to miss a runner, or a biker.  In the winter there are also runners and bikers in my neighborhood.  It is rare to find someone without any motivation in keeping their body healthy in this area of the U.S.  Therefore, it is quite difficult to come up with a negative response when seriously interviewing anyone about their health and well being.   

Colorado is the eighth healthiest state in the U.S. making it really easy to stay motivated through others to stay in shape.  Living in Boulder from my own personal experience is especially a motivation to keep my body healthy.  My mother had always motivated me to eat well and keep my body in good health.  Since I grew up with an athletic family with my mom pushing me all the time, I found that socializing with boys was easier than it was with girls.  My my male friends also push me everyday.  With almost everyone I know motivating me to stay in shape I wondered if anyone else had the same origin of motivation as me in the field of well being and good health.  

Carmen Kilday, an athlete since as long as she can remember, “I have been an athlete since I was little.  All my life I was a jock.  I played basketball in high school and in college, but I did not really watch what I ate.  You could say that I was a heavy set athlete.  If I had eaten better I would have had more playing time in college because I would have been faster.  Today I still am a heavier set athlete due to the slow in my metabolism but I now eat healthier and am a better athlete.  Now I play tennis and I am incredibly good for my age, not to brag.  Tennis keep me lean and it keeps my joints strong and healthy.  If I had sat around the rest of my life and decided to drop my hobby as an athlete I wouldn’t be where I am today.  My children wouldn’t be healthy and my wonderful daughters wouldn’t have have the amazing potential she holds today for a future career in volleyball.  My eldest daughter takes advantage of the family YMCA membership and she lifts on the days she doesn’t have volleyball practices.  My son is an athlete and decided to bring up basketball.  He is amazing at it and my children tell me all the time that I am an inspiration.”  Carmen was raised in an abusive home and she used athletics to escape.  It saved her life in many occasions.

Shannon Milton, a star swimmer who made all-state two years in a row.  “Keeping my body in a healthy state has changed my life because it has taught me to be more respectful, and makes me challenge myself to my limits every day.”  She now has tendinitis in both shoulders she can no longer swim.  She was on the way to olympics, “Imagine having everything you have ever wanted at your fingertips then someone coming with a nice to chop off your fingers.  I lost everything and became very depressed.  I stopped working out but I never failed at eating healthy.  I have the body I want and that gives me confidence in many areas.  You would be surprised what a good body could get you.”  Now Shannon lifts her lower body in order to stay in shape and become stronger.  

Nate Andrews has played lacrosse for five years, “Physically lacrosse has positively affected my life by giving me the body that I want.  I am very happy with my body.  Since my metabolism is wicked fast I can drink a half a gallon of sweet tea a day and not gain a pound.  It’s awesome.  But once I feel the need to change my eating habits I will.  I will eat kale chips instead and focus my meals around protein.  Lacrosse helps with coordination which can also provide in other helpful daily activities.  It is also easier to get a girlfriend when I feel more confident in my body, and being healthy and in shape makes being confident hella easier.”

According to the NIH (national, lung, blood institute), being overweight can cause serious health issues.  Stroke, diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and more are all causes of obesity.  One also does not have to be fat to become unhealthy.  One can also be too skinny to become unhealthy.  According to, Comprehensive Eating Disorder In A Homelike Setting, and common sense not letting your body have the required nutrients in able to function you will starve.  The body needs food to survive and when one gives the opposite of that to their body it will cease to survive.  A nutrient lacking body is not a healthy body.

Briana Martinez- a normal highschool cheerleader wishing to fit in.  “I used to be a little overweight through middle school and freshmen year.  I started to believe that my body was not good enough for myself so I decided to stop eating.  My home life wasn’t the best either so it was nice knowing that I was able to control something in my life.  Even if that meant the food that went in my body.  I would only eat a small meal once a day.  I thought it would be fine because I was eating healthy!  At cheer practice I found that every day I would feel more tired.  Sometimes I felt like I had to pass out from the exhaustion.  I was five foot five and I weighed 80 pounds.  The worst part about it, I still felt like I was fat.  With eating disorders, no matter how small you get you are never satisfied.  I kept lying to myself until I was in hospital care with the doctors forcing nutrients back into my body.  Being healthy does not mean being skinny. Healthy is being confident in your body while giving it everything it needs.”   


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