Teenagers and Stress by U.C.

As a teen, it is hard for us to wake ourselves up in the morning and getting ready for school, hang out with friends.Then after school, we go and do activities either if it inside or outside of school. Also jobs and our homes we make sure that the house is nice a clean. Doing chores and repeat every day none stop. Some parents or adults don’t see how stressful our teens lives are. Also, sometimes they yell at us because we’re “lazy” then give us some words like, “If you think your life is hard now, think of what it will be like living in the real world.” The truth is that teenagers are living in the real world and facing their future as they develop themselves to become young adults, and that’s our stress.

School can be one of a teenagers’ biggest stressors because of grades and assignments. Also, parents always saying to their teens that,“You have to get an A on every class.” Even B’s are not acceptable and that’s what puts them stress even more and, yes,teens do care about grades and how important it is to them and their GPA and any test scores. In 2013, the statistics shows that 30 percent of teens are feeling stress and pressures over the school year. Trying to put their effort and not to disappoint their family.“My parents do pressure me to get straight A’s on everything and it is stressful. Also, I do some club activities and sports and work and it is hard to balance all at once and manage our time and then at the end I feel tired and miserable.” Said a student from Fairview.

Peer pressure is another issue for Teenagers and it can happen anywhere but mostly it can happen in school. Trying to change themselves to impress others around them. Challenges they might hare be facing the reality and obstacles that might be in their way. Society for example, may lead teens to confuse and not understand of what’s happening around them.If a teen is in the negative peer pressure it can lead them into a big Self-esteem. Friends can put a teens in a peer presure. “It really depends on what types of friends you hang out with, but any teens should hang out with friends who are positive, making good choices and love the way of who they are.”   Peer pressure is stress of strain you feel from friends and school mates to act, behave, think and look a certain way. This kind of pressure can cover everything from fashion through sex and dating If you are very worried about peer pressure it is important to find someone who you can talk to.

Stress is everywhere and teens are the ones to have the most stress because of school, work, clubs,sports, chores. Maybe facing peer pressure around friends, family and finding themselves of who they are and trying to understand of what is happening around of their surroundings. There can be some ways for teens to feel better and not feel stress. Parents needs to have the time to talk their teens and understand of their problems. Adult should understand teen’s stress and problem.Teens should talk about their main issue to friends, counseling or a therapy and know to handle emotion and physical feeling. Sleep is another way for teens to feel relax and better. Taking care of yourself, do something for fun like exercise, hangout with friend, play video game or do something to get distracted and not to worry about a thing. Teens should be around with people who have positive thought and make each other feel comfortable of their self esteem.  


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