Psychological Damage of War by D.H.

In Hacksaw Ridge we see the portrayal of Pfc. Desmond Doss and the courage he displayed in some of the most brutal combat the world has ever seen. In the pacific theater of World War 2 many heroes were made. Without a gun and all alone he saved 73 American lives and showed the world what courage meant. He later won the congressional medal of honor for his actions and is forever remembered as a hero. Desmond is an example of someone not destroyed by war. War made him a hero and brought out the best in him unlike many others. Doss’s dad, William Thomas Doss, is the perfect example of how people are affected psychologically by war. WWI took his 3 best friends and he survived. This left him with feelings of being not good enough or of being favored for some reason. He became depressed and started drinking. Soon he was an alcoholic and beat his sons and his wife constantly. War took him and ripped his life apart leading him to abuse his family and drink his problems away.  

With bullets flying around him as he descended George Harper was as nervous as he had ever been. When he enlisted as a paratrooper he never imagined being dropped into France out of a plane to fight the nazis. George, my grandpa and my dad’s dad fought in World War II and survived the war. He died in 1998 so I never got a chance to know him but through my cousin and my mom I have heard many stories of him and about him that show how deeply the war affected him. Psychologically he was destroyed. Similar to Pfc. Doss’s dad the war took many of his friends and left him depressed and angry. Jerad Harper, my cousin, told me that George would hear anything about the war or bring it up and he’d immediately be angrier and stop talking. He’d withdraw to his bedroom and stop speaking for a day or even longer.

On the people who run the website had veterans of war submit their stories of dealing with PTSD and other traumas caused by war. One veteran wrote, “I committed acts of madness so that I didn’t go mad.” Soldiers have to kill women, men, and even children in order to survive war and it destroys them. Soldiers come home and can not function. They struggle with night terrors, tremors, along with extreme stress and anxiety.

Wars have been fought for centuries and millions have died and even more have ended up with extreme mental disorders. War ruins lives and ruins families. Veterans come back with anxiety, stress, PTSD, and countless other illnesses.


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