Alcoholism by M.M.

   In a blink of an eye everything turned dark, the sound of all the steel bending and crushing under the impact the glass shattering, flying into the bodies that got tossed around like mannequins. I remember I was watching tv on my coach when my dad walked in, I knew something was wrong just by his vibe, then I saw his eyes they were watery as if he wanted to cry. This was the first time I’d ever seen this, this is the guy that’s always telling me that men don’t cry, now he’s here with watery eyes, no doubt in my mind something bad happened. He said my youngest uncle Manny was in the hospital after he crashed into a semi truck, lucky he was going to be fine but he did have to get pieces of glass pulled out of his head but their cousin Angel didn’t make it. He died at the scene, they were both in their early twenties, they had been out drinking and partying all night, my uncle decided to drive under the influence, which almost cost him his live.

     I’ve met quite a few people with alcohol problems one of them beginning my other uncle, a few year ago he was in the hospital because he got a liver infection because of drinking. I remember my aunt she couldn’t sleep.  My uncle has been drinking since he was young, he was born and raised in a little farm town in mexico where everyone drank I’m talking from 9 year olds to 80 year olds, it was the normal thing to to do there. These little town doesn’t have much money, it’s very old fashioned . My great grandpa, grandpa, uncles, even my dad were heavy drinkers too sometimes they’d drink all night,  so it kinda ran in the family it was something normal something that happened every day.

     I’m not afraid of becoming an alcoholic because even though it runs in the family we all make our choices. My cousin saw what his dad went through and says he’s never going to drink because he doesn’t want to end up like my uncle. I don’t want to become an alcoholic either and I pretty sure I won’t because I can turn it down not like others. I am rarely ever around it anyways so I don’t have any temptations. I interviewed my cousin about my uncle and how they dealt with his alcoholism. He said my uncle wasn’t there for him much because he’d be working or drinking all the time. That it was like having two dads because his personalities were so different from sober to drunk. That he was very unattentive, not very understanding and mean when he was drunk but when he was sober he was the complete opposite. I love my uncle he’s a great guy that all due to alcohol he drove his family away and it’s very sad.

   On the rocks is one of the only books I’ve ever read, it was short and easy but it was also very interesting. Most of it was just statistics but the helped show how big of a problem this was, it was on teens and their addiction to alcohol, I found it interesting because I am a teen and I have meet peers that drink I wouldn’t say they are addicted but some do use it. There is quite a few factors that can lead to addiction, for example it can be passed down from parents. If your parents are alcoholics it’s very likely you will too. A teenager may not know he is addicted until it’s too late maybe after a night at the hospital or after an accident. In the book it talked about how one teenager drank so much he blacked out went to the hospital and never woke up. I think that as a teen we don’t realize the actual damage alcohol does, not just to the body up also to the people around you. I’ve seen people lose the respect and love of their own family because of alcohol or even worst the lose someone due to an accident. 30 percent of the U.S has had an alcohol-use disorder.

        My dad’s uncle lost everything because of alcohol, he lost his kids, wife and respect from and towards others. He now lives in a little room made un of adobe, by himself, he’s always drunk asking for money so he can go buy more beer. I personally don’t have any respect for this guy I don’t care if he’s my dad’s uncle, he’s done and said things that you wouldn’t believe, all under the influence of alcohol. No one respects him, not even the little kids in the town, it tears me apart that I have to share the same last name as him. Alcoholic doesn’t just ruin the person taking it it everyone around them too, it ruins everything.


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