Where the Light Ends by E.C.

The first steps are well lit

Rocks grind together underneath

Our voices echo into abyss

tracks reflect the last light of day


Into the unknown


The ground is poorly illuminated

The air becomes colder

And the walls move closer

we near the end of the light


Surrounded by nothing


Where the light ends is empty

Objects cannot be distinguished

Everything beyond flows together

Creating vast nothingness


Deafening silence


A low rumble breaks through

Like a drumline in the distance

We turn to statues

The noise continue to dance




Past where the light ends light begins

there’s a glow further ahead

Not the light at the end of the tunnel

Light barrelling through the tunnel


Blinding light


Turning to where the light began

Blackness swirling about our ankles

Each step more hurried than the last

The tracks becoming clearer
A new day


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