The U.S. Government by S.Y

The U.S. Government

Our government is shitty. No bill ever gets passed. Since Obama has been President we have had the least productive congress since 1947 says “usa today’s” Susan Davis. Not even the 80th Congress, which President Truman called the “do-nothing Congress” in 1948, passed as few laws as the current one. Many people would blame obama for this. However, it not his fault; in fact, he is the least to blame. In order for a bill to be placed into law the bill has to get a ⅔ vote from the house of representatives and majority vote from the senate. The issue is that ⅔ of the house are republicans, and they don’t pass anything. In 2012 just 61 bills passed to law out of just under 4000. We haven’t had that level of unproductivity since world war 2, that is just sad. This is why our government sucks. We are in more debt than ever before and we need to change, but that will never happen if these “adults” can’t grow up and agree on one thing for once. How are the young people of today supposed to be ‘good people’ if our role models disagree and tear each other apart everyday.

This upcoming election is more brutal than ever before. Donald Trump is the number one reason. He is a racist trying to eradicate all people of color in this country. At his political rallies there have been multiple peaceful protestors holding signs such as “black lives matter,” or a t-shirt stating: “Muslim, I come in peace.” However, these peaceful protesters get ejected from his rallies and spit on and in some cases physically abused. A muslim woman at a protest wearing a t-shirt stating “Muslim, I come in peace.” She was escorted out by security as if she was a threat to people’s well being. What ever happened to a free country? why can’t she simply stand there and listen, that goes against her rights as an American. Another example is a man holding a sign OUTSIDE of Trump’s rally stating, “Black lives matter.” He did not say anything and a white male comes up and starts beating him. What is so wrong with this government and country that humans would do this.

Our government is teaching the youth of today that we can treat people in this manner and disagree about everything and still be OK. That is 100% incorrect. Our government is the role model for millions of people and they need to learn to get along and be better role models for the youth of today.


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