Feminism by M.W




That is what feminism means

It doesn’t mean that they praise women by diminishing men

It doesn’t give us the right to think that women are better than men

That is not what it means to be a feminist

Feminists fight for equal power

We fight for women to have EQUAL opportunities as men

To be allowed on the same sports teams

To be paid the same

To be treated with the same respect

To wear our hair short and have baggy shorts without being called out for it

We deserve to dress and act the way we want

We don’t have to follow the perfect picture that society paints of us

Tall but not to tall

Skinny but not too skinny

Wear makeup but not too much

Have a gracious attitude and cater to other people’s every needs

Have long hair and tan skin

I say why should we?

We should be allowed to wear our hair in messy bun

To wear the amount of makeup we choose

To be so short that have to look up when having a conversation or so tall that you can never wear heels

We should be allowed to have curves

We should be allowed to love ourselves without everyone saying that we are overconfident


Love your body

And love yourself


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