Every Slam Poem by H.S.S

Every Slam Poem


What kind of guy am I,

I’m the kind of guy who is like a tree,

Whose roots grow deep and arms stretch high toward the sky,

Free and green some may call my body type slim and lean

with a loving mother,

But was born with no brother,

Having to fight for the green

As the Fall comes around I fall to the ground,

Lost and not found navigating winter with no sound,

I look stretched and retched,

Waking up every morning feeling like ship wreckage

From the endless black cold sea where the days get shorter and sadness grips me,

Spring is in the air and I


I Feel

I Feel

I feel my deep roots sucking life from my ancestors that is the earth and soil beneath and around me

I feel my green coming back and have a desire to stay

I want the green

I need the green

It’s been all winter and I have been in the same place losing green

But now that it is spring

I’ve found a calling

To make that green to move me through the seasons,

Just one more time,

Because that’s what kind of guy am I

Needing a Summer job

For the green


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