Dear Teachers by M.W

Dear Teachers


Students have lives,

In which you don’t see.

There is a part of us,

That needs to be free.


School is not my priority,

I prefer making money to eat.

I focus on living,

You focus on work being neat.


Every student learns a different way,

We’re forced to follow your rules.

While we struggle to conform,

And that’s what’s wrong with school.


I work 16 hours a night,

Because rent isn’t cheap.

Teachers yell at me  for sleeping,

And punish me for making a peep.


I can listen if I draw,

But get distracted if I’m still.

But you still force me,

To be a part of your drill.


How do you expect us to learn,

With that condescending tone.

You act like you’re better than us,

Please. Step off of your throne.


When the entire class fails,

You say we didn’t study.

Have you ever thought that,

Maybe your teaching is cruddy?


Grades don’t mean a thing,

Make sure we know the stuff.

Even if we write like a king,

Our papers are full of fluff.


We feel that grades define us,

But you swear that they do not.

So why do you cause this pressure,

It goes against what you taught.


You chose to be a teacher,

So learn from your class.

Every crowd has different needs,

Stop being an ignorant a*s.


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