Stepping Forward by H.Y.

18 years old, a legal adult with all the freedom in the world within reach. There’s nothing a second semester senior wants more than to simply be done with high school and head off to college. You talk about where you are going to go to school ever since you were a little kid; the beach in California, New York for the city, the location of your favorite sports team; however, you never seem to think about what happens when the time actually comes. It’s here now, and boy is it full of crazy emotions. High school has been the best four years of my life. The memories and friends I have made will never be forgotten, and there is no doubt I will miss them more than anything. Late nights doing what teenage boys do; driving fast cars as fast as possible, pushing the parents curfew, and basically, thinking we are invincible living the best times our lives. Those things will not be forgotten, but also it’s just a taste of what’s to come. The freedom. Freedom comes with responsibility, and over these past four years, I have made my mistakes, learned, and have grown to be more prepared for the day in which I don’t have the net of my parents to fall into.

Responsibility was learned on a warm summer night at around 12:30am in one of the nicest cars in the FHS Senior lot, a white RT Dodge Challenger. An open road, three 17 year old teenagers, and a 400 horsepower beast of a car is pretty much a recipe for disaster. There are four things that we consistently did in that car; went really, really fast, did burnouts, drifted, and innocently showed off the car by revving the engine., Aall of which are illegal and it was about time for one of those things to bite us in the butt. A routine drift turned into a flat tire and a broken rim worth $1,000 after slamming into a curb at about 40 mph. We nervously called the parents, and the owners of the car itself, and explained the story. Nobody was hurt thankfully, but that night we learned that, funny enough, we aren’t invincible! We walked away from that scene learning a few lessons, we are going to be lost living on our own making mistakes like that, and we all learned how to fix a flat tire!

The day I hug my mom and dad goodbye, and watch my parents drive away from my new home at college will be the weirdest mix of emotions I have ever felt. It’s literally the life changing moment where all the ties you’ve had your whole life are suddenly gone. It will be an incredible feeling knowing that I made it to the stage that you’ve dreamed of as a kid, but it will tear me apart because my family is not longer down the hall and through the first door. Second semester of senior year is a wild ride, not because of the school, but because of the decisions that need to be made, and the emotions that will be flowing at each and every second. All my life I have talked about college, and now it’s here, and I couldn’t be more ready. The experiences I’ve had, some filled with regret, have prepared me to go ahead in life on my own. Now I’m ready to start enjoying a new, exciting part of life’s journey.


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