Paper Plane by M.M.

EXT – Camp Harstrick – DAY Sam, a somber 11-year-old, sits in the back of a minivan driven by his MOM. His forehead rest on the window. Meeting his gaze is 11-year-old Suzy, an equally somber girl. Other children are milling about the entrance to a camp. A sign reads, Camp Harstrick. The minivan slowly pulls away and the two children remain eye contact.


INT – SAM’S ROOM – DAY Sam lays on his stomach on his bed and looks out the window. After a few moments, he rolls onto his back and sighs. He looks to the desk in his room. His eyes widen and he begins to grin. He rolls off the bed and walks to his desk. He takes out a piece of paper and a pen and begins writing. All that can be seen is, Dear Suzy.

CUT TO Sam grabs his piggy bank,

INT – ENTRYWAY -DAY Sam pulls on his shoes.

CUT TO Sam puts on his coat.


EXT – POST OFFICE – DAY Sam, piggy bank in one hand and letter in the other, walks in front of the post office, looks up at it for a moment, and then begins walking up the stairs.


INT – POST OFFICE – DAY Sam walks to the desk where stamps are sold. He puts the letter on the desk, turns his piggy bank upside down and shakes it. The excitement drains from his face as he realizes that he can’t pay to send his letter.

INT – SAM’S ROOM – DAY Sam is sitting at his desk, slouching dejectedly. He glances at the letter,sighs, and turns to the window. His eyes narrow as a thought occurs to him. He slowly turns back to the letter sitting on his desk. He begins folding it.

EXT – SAM’S HOUSE – DAY Sam sticks his head out of his room’s window and looks around. He holds out a pinwheel to check the wind direction and speed, and then pulls his head back inside. He emerges a moment later with a paper airplane in hand. He aims and then throws it.

INT – SUZY’S ROOM – Day Suzy is sitting at the desk in her room, reading a book. Behind her, the wind rustles the drapes that line her open window. Suddenly, the paper airplane flies into the room and lands on the floor. Suzy looks up from her book, puzzled, and turns around. CUT TO BLACK



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