I’m Right, You’re Wrong by C. M.

Sometimes or maybe even most times when we disagree with a person we automatically think they are wrong. Why do we do this? Disagreeing or just having different views on an idea will make you think the person you are speaking to is an idiot. From a personal perspective I would think it’s because of the fear of being wrong. Us as human always want to overpower others to be the one on top. I will admit it. I’ve done this. I’ve talked to people had a disagreement on a simple talk and my views completely change on them for a bit. I say in my head “Is this person serious? They must be dumb.” When in reality they could be just as right or even more right than you.

The fear of being wrong gets to most people. We want to be right so often that even when we’re wrong we have the feeling that we’re right until the last moment. A perfect example is one Kathryn Shulz talked about. When we were growing up we saw a cartoon where a coyote was chasing a roadrunner. The roadrunner runs off a cliff and flies. The coyote runs off the cliff with it and keeps running in midair until he looks down. That’s when the coyote realizes he’s wrong and falls. Thats us when we argue with someone and you keep fighting your point. I’ve been that coyote multiple times. From talking to friends, teachers, and even my parents. I’ve wanted to prove a person wrong more than trying to listen to what they say. I blank my head and argue. Then I stop talking and listen to what a person has to say then it hits you. You’ve been wrong this whole time. You get that silence and blank image in your head. Your heart sinks and you say “oh yeah, you’re right.” I have been a victim of this many times. Being wrong is such a fear we don’t even realize it until it’s too late. What if we felt more secure about being wrong and being happy when corrected since we are consuming the right information when we had the wrong one the whole time? How would that change society? We all know being wrong is perfectly fine.

Many people watch motivational videos and if you haven’t. Well not to spoil anything but if you’re interested in watching any of them they all talk about being wrong, and failing. Then getting back up and trying it again. Even in school we talk about being wrong and having that be okay. Teachers will tell you write this, or do this math problem and if you don’t get it right it’s okay. We hear that on a daily basis but how come we still want to be right. We get up on that whiteboard get the wrong answer. A few seconds later you get corrected and move on. Then you realize it wasn’t that bad. We are wrong more than we are right, then again it’s still a fear. It’s still a thing many people don’t want to do.


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