Fight Screenplay by S. D.



James Brown’s The Boss is playing.


FADE FROM BLACK:Int. School Hallway Day


Alex is walking through the hallway looking straight ahead. He seems to bounce with The Boss’s bassline.


He glances to his left as the camera cuts to a group of guys standing outside the senior lounge. As they see each other, some nod in acknowledgement and some immediately look away or at the ground. The camera cuts back to Alex, who is now grinning slyly.


Hard cut to half the frame showing Alex’s partial silhouette while the other side is completely black. The Camera pans and the black is revealed to be a hanging black boxing bag.


Alex approaches the bag slowly, and then pushes it gently with his hand.


The Camera pulls back, framing Alex and the bag, now swinging on its chain.


Alex suddenly lurches into a full and surprisingly aggressive boxing routine. His punches escalate in speed and intensity, until seemingly approaching a peak when the camera cuts.


Alex is sitting in class with an inquisitive but distracted look on his face. His knuckles on the far end of his desk, and noticeably white.The white noise of the classroom is surrounding him.


A friend calling his name cuts through the white noise and just as Alex turns to him, the camera cuts.


Ext. Park Pathway Sunset


The camera is low, pulling backwards, and framing the sunset above some distant mountains. It is centered by the fences on either side of the path.


The low stirring of some white noise begins.


The camera cuts to Alex, again in his basement. He is sitting hunched over on his lifting bench, while his boxing bag looms out of focus, slightly closer to the camera. The camera holds for a moment, then pulls backward.


The camera cuts back to the sunset. It is framed in the same format, pulling backward, but then begins to rise.


Cut back to Alex. He is still hunched over, but after a moment, he looks up and at the bag. Alex then begins to stand up.

Cut to the sunset. The camera is now noticeably higher off the ground. It continues to rise and move backward.


Cut to Alex. He has stood up and is now approaching the bag. He bounces through his steps with an athletic rhythm.


Cut to sunset. The camera is once again, much higher, moving backwards, and continuing to rise. As it seemingly reaches its peak, it falls backwards to frame the already darkened sky.


Cut to Alex. He arrives at the bag then stands in hesitation. Then, in a nonchalant spike in aggression, he begins to deliver a fury a punches.


Cut to Alex, now standing in front of the same sunset, looking straight ahead. His eyes are aligned with the horizon, then he steps forward. The camera drops to meet his chest just as he walks into it, forcing the screen to go to black.


Cut to an OTS of Alex now walking towards the fight circle. It is comprised of six people, five of which are only there to watch. The circles opens as Alex gets closer, revealing his opponent Sam.

The camera swings to the right while keeping Alex framed in the right-most third of the screen. He begins to shadow-box with every other step, ducking and dipping, as if he the fight had already begun. The camera stops and holds, framing the fight circle.

Sam is at the left-most point of the circle with three spectators a yard or two closer to the camera. They slightly block our view of Sam’s nervous swaying. The other two friends stand to the left of Sam.


Once Alex gets within a few feet of the circle, he cocks back his right fist, charges at Sam, and lands a punch on his left ribs. He winds back with his left to deliver another, but Sam grabs him and brings him into a headlock. With some struggle, Sam throws Alex to his left, across the entire frame.


Cut to wide shot of Alex on the ground with Sam approaching menacingly. The camera is set between them, aligning the bottom of the frame with the edge of the ground.

Alex stands up and sets into his stance.


Cut to an OTS of Sam, over his right shoulder. He attacks Alex with a right but Alex ducks. Alex throws a right.

Cuts to an OTS of Sam, now over his left, just as Alex’s fist connects with his jaw. Sam barely flinches. Sam returns the favor with a left to Alex’s cheek.


Cut to side view with Alex on the right and Sam on the left. Alex sends three punches, right-left-right, that all connect with Sam’s stomach and ribs. These hurt.

The camera begins to pan to the right. Sam leans forwards, wincing in pain. He picks himself back up with the momentum from a strong left punch. Alex stumbles back. Sam shakes his head slightly with a surprising degree of arrogance.

The camera pulls back as Sam launches into an acrobatic kick. His foot drives into Alex’s jaw, throwing Alex’s head backwards. Alex spits a pool of blood to his right.

Cut to an OTS behind Alex’s left shoulder. Sam loads a right hook. Alex dodges the punch and lands a right to Sam’s ribs. Sam, noticeably hurt by the last blow, begins a left hook.

The camera remains OTS, but pans across Alex’s shoulders to land on the right. Just as it meets it mark on Alex’s right, Alex catches Sam’s half heartedly thrown fist. Sam looks wide-eyed at his opponent. Alex pulls Sam in and throws him backwards, reversing their positions.


Cut to the camera next to Alex’s right hip. From that same hip, Alex delivers a kick to Sam’s inner right shin. His legs open as he falls to his left knee. He looks at at Alex with a half conscious gaze. The camera pulls back as Alex pulls his right fist behind himself. He whips the force of his entire into the punch. It lands on Sam’s left cheek. Sam’s eyes roll back.


Cut to the camera directly behind Sam’s head. Sam falls back, revealing Alex standing in amusement of his work. The camera rises revealing the onlookers looking on in shock. The camera rises still as Alex’s frame begins to tower over those of the spectators. Alex turns to welcome his newfound infamy.


Rick Ross’ Mafia Music III begins to play


Cut to credits. Then to black. End.


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