Dystopian Short by R.S. & H.G.

Birdseye view of a clear dome underneath which lies a city. Color correction is black and white.


Cut to shot of streets with men and women walking robotically (in unison/structured lines) toward a factory. (Citizens are wearing plain clothing and are expressionless)  



(Deep, brooding) There they go again. Off to waste another day.


Cut to closer shot of the line, you see the main character walk into frame, he is wearing a darker grey suit as opposed to the lighter grey of his peers.



You see that kid in the dark grey? Thats me… Richard, but you can call me Dick.


Over the shoulder shot of the factory they are marching towards, pans up to see smokestacks.



Another day…


Static shot of Dick hanging his coat on a rack and walking towards his control panel.  


Another dollar.


Same shot as Dick sits down at his station and begins work.


POV shot of Dick at his station, he is looking out his window to see the lower class workers below toiling in the factory.


Close up shot of Dick’s face, as he stares intently at the chaos below him. A scream catches his attention, and he looks over startled.


Second shot of the factory, this time slowly zooming in on the lower right quarter of the frame, which shows a severely injured man being taken away and being immediately replaced at his station.



There goes another one. I knew that factory workers had always been replaceable, but this one was different.


As the VO is happening, we cut back to a slightly wider medium shot of his face as his flat face slowly turns ridiculously sad and the audience sees his emotion for the first time.


Side shot of Dick at his panel, he slowly stands and walks out the door without his jacket.



That was it, I had had it. My job was nothing, I was nothing. I had no purpose.


Shot of him walking out the large double doors

Cut to another wide shot of the doors opening from the outside and him exiting center frame.



I had to get out of here. There was nothing else for me. But where would I go?


Cut to same original street shot (The one with the lines of people) The streets are now empty, and Dick walks through the middle in the opposite direction.


Sad music plays


Finally Dick comes up onto the dome wall. Dick is framed on the left and the wall on the right. He reaches his hand out, and touches the wall lightly. He then hits it again twice.


Music still playing as Dick beats the wall with anger. Yelling at it in frustration and his eyes swelling up (audio muted)


Suddenly, a light catches his eye. He looks to his left. Rack focus to what he is seeing, which is a crack in the wall with light spilling out of it.



…That’s new


Shot of Dick’s face, wiping sweat from his face with a questioning look.


Dick approaches the crack until he gets close enough to it. The light is almost blinding as he looks at it with wonder.



This could be a way out.A crack in the wall. A break in the system.


Shot of the face again. Close up



Should I stay. Should I go?


Same shot of the face. Dick makes the visual decision to leave. Cut to wide of Dick (from the back) going into the crack.


Color shifts from black and white to color, over the shoulder shot of beautiful nature and scenery.



Im finally free
Fade to black, credits roll, people get famous, ect.


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