Drama High by R.M.

Kalia wakes up and gets in the shower and then she gets dressed. Then she goes downstairs to join her  parents for breakfast. She grabs a spoon and pours a herself a glass of  orange juice. She grabs the bowl of oatmeal that her mom made for breakfast. Then Maria comes over to So Kaila goes up stairs to get get ready for school.  Maria and kailia go to school together just like any other day. They get to school Kaila  is very sad she remembers that she is only sophomore but she might be able to go school anymore. She has leukemia the last time she went to the doctors they told her that she might live for much longer.

Kalia: “Maria we better enjoy the time we have together because I might not be around much longer.”

Maria: gasps “ That’s horrible I don’t want to have typ imagine what it be like without you here.”

Kalia and maria walk into the school. Kaila is very sad because she might not be able to go school much longer. She told all of her teachers that she wouldn be able to come some day because her cancer got worse. She might possibly die.

Ms Smith:”Oh no that’s  horrible please let me know if you need anything . I will let you get excused from certain assignments if you don’t feel like you do them.”

Kaila: Feeling thankful for having such a nice teacher.”Thank you Ms.Smith I will definitely let you know. If I need you to do that for me.”

Kaila  told maria all about how nice her teachers were about it. They all felt super bad that she might die someday.Also the fact that someday might be really soon.

Maria:” I am glad your teachers are being nice about it . It is awful that you might not be around much longer. We have been friends for six years now. That is a very long time.”

Kaila: feeling emotionally “ I that why I am trying to plan as many fun things as  I  can before I pass.

Two Months later

Kaila died marai was at her funerella al o ms.smith and some other showed up. Kailai parents were really sad.They donate all of kaila’s clothes to a thrift store that gives all of their money to kids who are orphans. That is what Kailai wanted to happen. She is always been supportive of this thrift store.  
The end


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