Benefiting from Difficulty by B.R.

Although reading is boring and difficult for many, it is an often unappreciated but beneficial and crucial practice for our well being. The reason I say this is because it is hard and boring. It is My true belief is that anything hard that you have to go through in life will benefit you in the long run as long as you don’t take the easy way out.

This mentality can be applied to almost anything in life, and there are many examples of how this works. Take teenagers and drug use for instance; when a teenager uses drugs, they are simply taking the easy way out to have fun. Most kids don’t want to have to go through the work of actually doing an activity they enjoy to get fun out of life so instead, they just sit down and smoke something for that short term enjoyment. This is very detrimental to many, because instead of gaining a feeling of accomplishment along with their with enjoyment, they just gain that short term fun and in return, get nothing accomplished.

This works with reading in the same way. Sure, someone could watch a movie instead of reading the book and would be able to gain enough information to have a basic understanding of the plot or pass a reading test. The problem here is that they are missing out on the mental exercise they could be having. Yes, reading is tough, but the person that puts in the hard work to do the reading is gaining the most character and stimulating their mind in a way that a movie never could.

Throughout the last several months, I have learned a lot about myself. But the one thing that stuck in my head the most is how important hard work is. I saw how my life before was based on taking the easy way out of everything, and just simply cruising through life by skipping any hard work that came my way. After I left fairview (before I returned for this semester), I was forced to make up for everything I had been not doing before, and in the end it made me a much better person.  If there is any piece of advice I could give to a teen who still has their whole life ahead of them, it would be to put in the hard work and never take the easy way out, because you will never regret doing the best job you can.


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