Turning the Tide by C.W

This year has gone by too quickly with school, basketball and college applications. All of which included a lot of time and preparation. There were nights that I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to, because I had too much on my plate. A normal day for me was to go to school, go to practice, and then come home a do homework and college applications. One of the worst parts about college work was that I didn’t have an older sibling that already went through the process. It definitely would been helpful to be able to ask someone what they did and what to do and not do. I had so many questions like where do I start? I just had to start somewhere.

I first started with making a list of schools that were Division one and had what I wanted to study, which at the time was Sports Medicine. After I made the list I started to take off a lot of schools that I didn’t care about. It was a hard process to figure out what college was the best for me, because I want to play college basketball and you usually go where you get a scholarship offer, but I’m not a highly recruited player so I don’t have any offers. So I had to go searching for a college, because I couldn’t wait anymore. The hardest part about taking schools off my list was I didn’t know if that was maybe a school that would possibly offer me a scholarship. So I decided to just start emailing every school that was on my list and send each coach a little introduction, film and stats from my summer. Which had me in the top twenty scorers in the tournament with 20.4 points per game. Searching for schools to apply to was very difficult, because of the case that I wanted to play in college too.

In Turning The Tides they bring up the fact that testing(ACT/SAT) is one of the reasons a lot of students don’t get into specific colleges. The ACT/SAT has become such a huge requirement to getting accepted into college that parents are paying thousands of dollars for tutoring just so their kid can get the best grade possible. So maybe we should make the ACT/SAT optional. I personally have taken the ACT six times and I have only received a score of nineteen, but I have a 3.6GPA which is a great GPA to get into college, but my ACT Score Forced me to narrow down my college list.  The last time I took it I hired a tutor that I worked with for two months and still only got a nineteen on the ACT. I was so frustrated that I just that’s enough I can’t get anything better than what my current score is. I even thought that I did better than what my last score was. I believe that if the ACT/SAT was optional more kids would get into college. I don’t believe one test should determine if an individual gets into college or not. I even believe that if the separated the ACT/SAT tests into a four day test, one hour for four days. More students would do better, because four hours of testing is exhausting. Especially doing the writing part of the ACT which is an additional forty-five minutes.

My personal journey applying to colleges has been difficult, but now that I’ve heard back from two of them and both I’ve been accepted to. It has been worth the time I spent working on applications. Sports also makes the process a lot more difficult though. As I said at the beginning that I wish I had a sibling who went through the process and could have answered a lot of questions I had. I can’t wait for the next part of my future and I hope that my final decision on where to go is the right one.             



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